iOS 11 简介Introduction to iOS 11

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iOS 11 在各种框架中包含许多全新的功能和增强功能:iOS 11 includes many brand-new features and enhancements across a variety of frameworks:

为 iOS 11 准备应用Preparing Your App for iOS 11

Apple 引入了体系结构更新、新的视觉更改和适用于 iOS 11 的更新 iTunes 连接过程。Apple has introduced architecture updates, new visual changes, and an updated iTunes Connect process for iOS 11. 使用本指南可确保你的 Xamarin iOS 应用已准备好用于新版本。Use this guide to make sure your Xamarin.iOS app is prepared for the new release.


ARKit 将增加的现实引入 iOS,使用户能够通过设备的照相机与世界交互。ARKit brings Augmented Reality to iOS, allowing users to interact with the world through the device's camera. 使用 Xamarin,还可以将ARKit 与 UrhoSharp 配合使用。With Xamarin, you can also use ARKit with UrhoSharp.


机器学习模型可以通过 CoreML 集成到 iOS 11 应用程序中。Machine learning models can be integrated into iOS 11 apps with CoreML. CoreML framework 提供了简单的 API,可将现有模型并入应用项目,以便在应用中正确分析问题。The CoreML framework provides simple API to incorporate existing models into app projects to allow problems to be analyzed right in the app.


iPhone 7 和更高版本的设备可以阅读近现场通信(NFC)标记,使应用能够检测到周围的已标记产品、地点或物品。iPhone 7 and newer devices can read Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, enabling apps to detect tagged products, places, or things in the world around them.

拖放Drag and Drop

拖放框架提供了对通过触控移动数据的 iOS 范围支持。The drag and drop framework brings iOS-wide support for moving data around by touch. 在 iPad 上,你可以在不同应用的内部和之间进行拖动;在 iPhone 上,只能在同一应用中拖动。On iPad, you can drag both within and between different apps; while on iPhone, you can drag only within the same app. 支持许多类型的自定义,包括丰富的数据类型、动画和处理多点触控手势。There is support for many types of customization, including rich data types, animations, and handling multitouch gestures.


MapKit 有很多改进,包括支持自动标记分组和将罗盘添加到视图。MapKit has a number of improvements, including support for automatic marker grouping and adding a compass to the view.


PDFKit 现已在 iOS 11 上提供,为你的应用程序提供 PDF 创建和编辑功能。PDFKit is now available on iOS 11, bringing PDF creation and editing capabilities to your apps.


Siri 现在支持更多的交互,包括列表和注释以及其他增强功能,例如替代应用名称。Siri now supports even more interactions, including lists and notes, and other enhancements such as alternative app names.


为 iOS 提供各种图像处理和分析功能,包括人脸检测和识别、CoreML 模型、新条形码检测 Api、文本和范围检测以及更常规的对象检测和跟踪。Brings a variety of image processing and analysis features to iOS, including face detection and recognition, CoreML models, new barcode detection APIs, text and horizon detection, and more general object detection and tracking.


我们有很多C# 示例可帮助你入门:We have a number of C# samples to get you started: