Microsoft Developer Newsletter - Volume 23, Number 19: September 18, 2019

Top News Worldwide

How to: Get started with F# on .NET Core

Video series: Python for Beginners

Announcing the new Visual Studio terminal

Top productivity tips for Visual Studio Code

Use Azure DevOps for .NET Core and cloud-native apps
Get an overview of DevOps and see how to apply DevOps concepts when building, testing, and deploying cloud-native apps with .NET Core.

Streamline repetitive edits with IntelliCode
Discover how the latest Visual Studio preview can track your edits and streamline repeatable changes. See how IntelliCode can spot repetition and then suggest other places in your code where you might want to apply the same change.

.NET Conf and .NET Core 3.0 launch
Join this free, three-day virtual event for developers on September 23–25, 2019. Watch live sessions, explore various .NET developer topics, and be part of the .NET Core 3.0 launch.

Expression trees in Visual Basic and C#
Expression trees model various code operations and can be used to expose APIs without your having to learn a new language or vocabulary. Find out how to create and modify expression trees in both Visual Basic and C#.

Speed up image embedding models with ONNX Runtime
Accelerate and optimize machine learning models regardless of training framework by using ONNX and ONNX Runtime. This episode introduces both ONNX and ONNX Runtime and provides an example of ONNX Runtime accelerating Bing Semantic Precise Image Search.

Simplify downstream processing with Azure IoT Hub message enrichments
Enrich the telemetry of your IoT devices by stamping device twin tags and properties on messages sent to different routing endpoints. Watch a demo and learn more about this new feature in Azure IoT Hub.

Quantum messaging with Q# and Blazor
Build a model-view-viewmodel (MVVM)-based Blazor app that uses Q# and quantum entanglement to instantly transfer half a message across vast distances, while eliminating the risk of eavesdropping.

Get an intro to GraphQL
Watch the new series to understand the basics of GraphQL – a new API architecture. Learn how to interact with an existing GraphQL endpoint, create your first GraphQL Server, and deploy your GraphQL Server to the cloud.

C++ Standard Library is now open source
The Microsoft Visual C++ team announced that its implementation of the C++ Standard Library is being released as open source. Get details and find out how to access the source code on GitHub.


Webinar: Take Your Business Intelligence Further with Blazing-Fast Analytics
September 25, 2019, online
Find out how Power BI and Azure SQL Data Warehouse help you extract instant insights from the data warehouse.

IoT in Action: Santa Clara
October 10, 2019, Santa Clara, CA
Discover how to build new experiences and accelerate your IoT vision. Join other IoT innovators, industry experts, and Microsoft partners from across the IoT ecosystem to learn about best practices for developing and selling repeatable solutions across industries. Explore the opportunities of connected devices and find out how to navigate the challenges.

Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event
October 10, 2019, online
Register for this free, virtual event to get an in-depth look at the new features and capabilities across Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. Get insights and demos directly from the experts, and see what’s coming next in the October 2019 Microsoft business applications release.


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