什麼是 Azure 保留項目?What are Azure Reservations?

Azure 保留可協助您藉由承諾多項產品一年或三年期的方案來節省成本。Azure Reservations help you save money by committing to one-year or three-year plans for multiple products. 承諾可讓您在所用的資源上取得折扣。Committing allows you to get a discount on the resources you use. 對於隨用隨付,保留可以大幅減少 72% 的資源成本。Reservations can significantly reduce your resource costs by up to 72% from pay-as-you-go prices. 保留會提供計費折扣,且不會影響資源的執行階段狀態。Reservations provide a billing discount and don't affect the runtime state of your resources. 購買保留之後,折扣就會自動套用至相符的資源。After you purchase a reservation, the discount automatically applies to matching resources.

您可以預先或每月支付保留費用。You can pay for a reservation up front or monthly. 預付和每月付款的保留總費用是相同的,當您選擇按月支付時,您不需要支付任何額外費用。The total cost of up-front and monthly reservations is the same and you don't pay any extra fees when you choose to pay monthly. 每月付款僅適用於 Azure 保留,而不是第三方產品。Monthly payment is available for Azure reservations, not third-party products.

您可以在 Azure 入口網站購買保留。You can buy a reservation in the Azure portal.

為何要購買保留?Why buy a reservation?

如果您有一致的資源使用量可支援保留,則購買保留就有機會讓您降低成本。If you have consistent resource usage that supports reservations, buying a reservation gives you the option to reduce your costs. 例如,當您持續在未使用保留的情況下執行某個服務的執行個體時,必須以隨用隨付費率支付費用。For example, when you continuously run instances of a service without a reservation, you're charged at pay-as-you-go rates. 當您購買保留時,您會立即取得保留折扣。When you buy a reservation, you immediately get the reservation discount. 那些資源將不再以隨用隨付費率計費。The resources are no longer charged at the pay-as-you-go rates.

保留折扣的套用方式How reservation discount is applied

購買之後,保留折扣會自動套用至符合您於購買保留時所選取之屬性的資源使用量。After purchase, the reservation discount automatically applies to the resource usage that matches the attributes you select when you buy the reservation. 屬性包括 SKU、區域 (如果適用) 和範圍。Attributes include the SKU, regions (where applicable), and scope. 保留範圍會選取保留節省成本的適用之處。Reservation scope selects where the reservation savings apply.

如需如何套用折扣的詳細資訊,請參閱保留執行個體折扣應用程式For more information about how discount is applied, see Reserved instance discount application.

如需保留範圍運作方式的詳細資訊,請參閱設定保留範圍For more information about how reservation scope works, see Scope reservations.

決定要購買的項目Determine what to purchase

除了 Azure Databricks 以外,所有保留都會以小時為單位套用。All reservations, except Azure Databricks, are applied on an hourly basis. 根據您一致的基本使用方式,考慮保留購買。Consider reservation purchases based on your consistent base usage. 您可以藉由分析使用方式資料或使用保留建議,來判斷要購買的保留。You can determine which reservation to purchase by analyzing your usage data or by using reservation recommendations. 以下可查看提供的建議:Recommendations are available in:

  • Azure Advisor (僅限 VM)Azure Advisor (VMs only)
  • Azure 入口網站中的保留購買體驗Reservation purchase experience in the Azure portal
  • 成本管理 Power BI 應用程式Cost Management Power BI app

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 判斷要購買的保留For more information, see Determine what reservation to purchase

購買保留Buying a reservation

您可以從 Azure 入口網站、API、PowerShell 和 CLI 來購買保留。You can purchase reservations from the Azure portal, APIs, PowerShell, and CLI.

前往 Azure 入口網站購買。Go to the Azure portal to make a purchase.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 購買保留For more information, see Buy a reservation.

保留的計費方式為何?How is a reservation billed?

保留會計費至與訂用帳戶繫結的付款方式。The reservation is charged to the payment method tied to the subscription. 保留費用會從您 Azure 預付款 (先前稱為預付金) 的餘額扣除 (如果有的話)。The reservation cost is deducted from your Azure Prepayment (previously called monetary commitment) balance, if available. 當您的 Azure 預付款餘額不能涵蓋保留費用時,您將需要支付超額部分。When your Azure Prepayment balance doesn't cover the cost of the reservation, you're billed the overage. 如果您有來自個別方案的訂用帳戶採用隨用隨付費率,您的帳戶所擁有的信用卡會立即被收取預付費用。If you have a subscription from an individual plan with pay-as-you-go rates, the credit card you have on your account is billed immediately for up-front purchases. 每月付款會出現在您的發票上,且您的信用卡會每月扣款。Monthly payments appear on your invoice and your credit card is charged monthly. 當您透過發票計費時,您會在下一張發票上看到費用。When you're billed by invoice, you see the charges on your next invoice.

預設可以管理保留的人員Who can manage a reservation by default

根據預設,下列使用者可以檢視和管理保留:By default, the following users can view and manage reservations:

  • 購買保留的人員,以及購買保留所用計費訂用帳戶的帳戶管理員,都會新增至保留訂單。The person who buys a reservation and the account administrator of the billing subscription used to buy the reservation are added to the reservation order.
  • Enterprise 合約和 Microsoft 客戶合約的計費管理員。Enterprise Agreement and Microsoft Customer Agreement billing administrators.

若要允許其他人管理保留,請參閱管理 Azure 資源的保留To allow other people to manage reservations, see Manage Reservations for Azure resources.

購買後取得保留詳細資料和使用率Get reservation details and utilization after purchase

如果您有檢視保留的權限,可以在 Azure 入口網站中看到保留及其用法。If you have permission to view to the reservation, you can see it and its use in the Azure portal. 您也可以使用 API 來取得資料。You can get the data using APIs, as well.

如需如何在 Azure 入口網站中查看保留的詳細資訊,請參閱 檢視 Azure 入口網站中的保留For more information on how to see reservations in Azure portal, see View reservations in the Azure portal

在購買後管理保留Manage reservations after purchase

購買 Azure 保留之後,您可以更新範圍,將保留套用至不同的訂用帳戶、變更可以管理保留的人員、將保留分割為較小的部分,或變更執行個體大小彈性。After you buy an Azure reservation, you can update the scope to apply reservation to a different subscription, change who can manage the reservation, split a reservation into smaller parts, or change instance size flexibility.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 管理 Azure 資源的保留For more information, see Manage Reservations for Azure resources

Azure 保留的彈性Flexibility with Azure reservations

Azure 保留可提供彈性,以協助您滿足不斷演變的需求。Azure Reservations provide flexibility to help meet your evolving needs. 您可以用保留來交換相同類型的其他保留。You can exchange a reservation for another reservation of the same type. 您也可以將不再需要的保留退費,在 12 個月的滾動期間內最多可達 50,000 美元。You can also refund a reservation, up to $50,000 USD in a 12 month rolling window, if you no longer need it. 退款的上限適用於您與 Microsoft 的合約範圍內所有的保留。The maximum limit of the refund applies to all reservations in the scope of your agreement with Microsoft.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure 保留的自助式交換和退費For more information, see Self-service exchanges and refunds for Azure Reservations

保留所涵蓋的費用Charges covered by reservation

  • 保留的虛擬機器執行個體 - 保留僅涵蓋虛擬機器及雲端服務計算成本。Reserved Virtual Machine Instance - A reservation only covers the virtual machine and cloud services compute costs. 這並不涵蓋其他軟體、Windows、網路或儲存體費用。It doesn't cover additional software, Windows, networking, or storage charges.
  • Azure 儲存體保留容量 - 保留涵蓋 Blob 儲存體或 Azure Data Lake Gen2 儲存體的標準儲存體帳戶儲存容量。Azure Storage reserved capacity - A reservation covers storage capacity for standard storage accounts for Blob storage or Azure Data Lake Gen2 storage. 保留並未涵蓋頻寬或交易速率。The reservation doesn't cover bandwidth or transaction rates.
  • Azure Cosmos DB 保留容量:保留涵蓋針對資源所佈建的輸送量。Azure Cosmos DB reserved capacity - A reservation covers throughput provisioned for your resources. 它未涵蓋儲存體和網路費用。It doesn't cover the storage and networking charges.
  • Azure Data Factory 資料流程 -保留涵蓋計算類型的整合執行時間成本,以及您所購買的核心數目。Azure Data Factory data flows - A reservation covers integration runtime cost for the compute type and number of cores that you buy.
  • SQL Database 保留虛擬核心 -涵蓋 SQL 受控執行個體和 SQL Database 彈性集區/單一資料庫。SQL Database reserved vCore - Covers both SQL Managed Instance and SQL Database Elastic Pool/single database. 保留僅包含計算成本。Only the compute costs are included with a reservation. SQL 授權會分開計費。The SQL license is billed separately.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics - 保留會涵蓋 cDWU 使用量。Azure Synapse Analytics - A reservation covers cDWU usage. 其並未涵蓋與 Azure Synapse Analytics 使用量相關的儲存或網路費用。It doesn't cover storage or networking charges associated with the Azure Synapse Analytics usage.
  • Azure Databricks - 保留僅涵蓋 DBU 使用量。Azure Databricks - A reservation covers only the DBU usage. 其他費用 (例如計算、儲存體和網路) 會個別收取。Other charges, such as compute, storage, and networking, are applied separately.
  • App Service 戳記費用:保留涵蓋戳記使用量。App Service stamp fee - A reservation covers stamp usage. 但不會套用至背景工作角色,因此任何其他與戳記相關聯的資源也會分開收費。It doesn't apply to workers, so any other resources associated with the stamp are charged separately.
  • 適用於 MySQL 的 Azure 資料庫 - 保留僅包含計算成本。Azure Database for MySQL - Only the compute costs are included with a reservation. 保留並未涵蓋與 MySQL Database 伺服器相關聯的軟體、網路或儲存體費用。A reservation doesn't cover software, networking, or storage charges associated with the MySQL Database server.
  • 適用於 PostgreSQL 的 Azure 資料庫 - 保留僅包含計算成本。Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Only the compute costs are included with a reservation. 保留並未涵蓋與 PostgreSQL Database 伺服器相關聯的軟體、網路或儲存體費用。A reservation doesn't cover software, networking, or storage charges associated with the PostgreSQL Database servers.
  • 適用於 MariaDB 的 Azure 資料庫 - 保留僅包含計算成本。Azure Database for MariaDB - Only the compute costs are included with a reservation. 保留並未涵蓋與 MariaDB Database 伺服器相關聯的軟體、網路或儲存體費用。A reservation doesn't cover software, networking, or storage charges associated with the MariaDB Database server.
  • Azure 資料總管 - 保留涵蓋加成費用。Azure Data Explorer - A reservation covers the markup charges. 保留並不適用於與叢集相關聯的計算、網路或儲存體費用。A reservation doesn't apply to compute, networking, or storage charges associated with the clusters.
  • Azure Cache for Redis - 保留僅包含計算成本。Azure Cache for Redis - Only the compute costs are included with a reservation. 保留並未涵蓋與 Redis 快取執行個體相關聯的網路或儲存體費用。A reservation doesn't cover networking or storage charges associated with the Redis cache instances.
  • Azure 專用主機 - 專用主機只會包含計算成本。Azure Dedicated Host - Only the compute costs are included with the Dedicated host.
  • Azure 磁碟儲存體保留 - 保留僅涵蓋 P30 大小或更大的進階 SSD。Azure Disk Storage reservations - A reservation only covers premium SSDs of P30 size or greater. 其中並不涵蓋任何其他磁碟類型或小於 P30 的大小。It doesn't cover any other disk types or sizes smaller than P30.

軟體方案:Software plans:

  • SUSE Linux - 保留涵蓋軟體方案成本。SUSE Linux - A reservation covers the software plan costs. 折扣僅適用於 SUSE 計量,但不適用於虛擬機器使用量。The discounts apply only to SUSE meters and not to the virtual machine usage.
  • Red Hat 方案 - 保留涵蓋軟體方案成本。Red Hat Plans - A reservation covers the software plan costs. 折扣僅適用於 RedHat 計量,但不適用於虛擬機器使用量。The discounts apply only to RedHat meters and not to the virtual machine usage.
  • 由 CloudSimple 提供的 Azure VMware 解決方案 - 保留涵蓋 VMWare CloudSimple 節點。Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple - A reservation covers the VMware CloudSimple Nodes. 可能會收取額外的軟體費用。Additional software costs still apply.
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift - 保留適用於 OpenShift 成本,而不適用於 Azure 基礎結構成本。Azure Red Hat OpenShift - A reservation applies to the OpenShift costs, not to Azure infrastructure costs.

對於 Windows 虛擬機器和 SQL Database,保留折扣不適用於軟體成本。For Windows virtual machines and SQL Database, the reservation discount doesn't apply to the software costs. 您可以利用 Azure Hybrid Benefit 來涵蓋授權成本。You can cover the licensing costs with Azure Hybrid Benefit.

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