ClaimSet.Windows 屬性


取得包含 Windows 安全性識別項的宣告集。Gets a set of claims that contains Windows security identifiers.

 static property System::IdentityModel::Claims::ClaimSet ^ Windows { System::IdentityModel::Claims::ClaimSet ^ get(); };
public static System.IdentityModel.Claims.ClaimSet Windows { get; }
member this.Windows : System.IdentityModel.Claims.ClaimSet
Public Shared ReadOnly Property Windows As ClaimSet


ClaimSet,包含至少一個型別 Sid 的宣告。A ClaimSet that contains at least one claim of type Sid.


這種型別的 ClaimSet 物件通常做為 Windows 所發行之 IssuerClaimSet 屬性值。This type of ClaimSet object is typically used as the value of the Issuer property for a ClaimSet that is issued by the Windows. 例如,在應用程式使用 Windows 驗證來驗證使用者名稱和密碼之後,它會建立 ClaimSet 屬性設定為 IssuerWindowsFor example, after an application authenticates a username and password using Windows authentication, it creates the ClaimSet with the Issuer property set to Windows.