iOS 裝置的電子郵件設定檔設定 - IntuneEmail profile settings for iOS devices - Intune

請使用電子郵件設定檔設定來設定執行 iOS 的裝置。Use the email profile settings to configure your devices running iOS.

電子郵件設定Email settings

  • 電子郵件伺服器:輸入 Exchange Server 的主機名稱。Email server: Enter the host name of your Exchange server.

  • 帳戶名稱:輸入電子郵件帳戶的顯示名稱。Account name: Enter the display name for the email account. 此名稱會在其裝置上向使用者顯示。This name is shown to users on their devices.

  • AAD 中的使用者名稱屬性:此名稱是 Intune 從 Azure Active Directory (AAD) 中取得的屬性。Username attribute from AAD: This name is the attribute Intune gets from Azure Active Directory (AAD). Intune 會動態產生此設定檔所使用的使用者名稱。Intune dynamically generates the username that's used by this profile. 選項包括:Your options:

    • 使用者主體名稱:取得名稱,例如 user1user1@contoso.comUser Principal Name: Gets the name, such as user1 or

    • 主要 SMTP 位址:取得電子郵件地址格式的名稱,例如 user1@contoso.comPrimary SMTP address: Gets the name in email address format, such as

    • SAM 帳戶名稱:需要網域,例如 domain\user1sAM Account Name: Requires the domain, such as domain\user1.

      另請輸入:Also enter:

      • 使用者網域名稱來源:選擇 [AAD] (Azure Active Directory) 或 [自訂]。User domain name source: Choose AAD (Azure Active Directory) or Custom.

        選擇要從 [AAD] 取得屬性時,請輸入:When choosing to get the attributes from AAD, enter:

        • AAD 中的使用者網域名稱屬性:選擇取得使用者的 [完整網域名稱] 或 [NetBIOS 名稱] 屬性User domain name attribute from AAD: Choose to get the Full domain name or the NetBIOS name attribute of the user

        選擇使用 [自訂] 屬性時,請輸入:When choosing to use Custom attributes, enter:

        • 要使用的自訂網域名稱:輸入 Intune 用於網域名稱的值,例如 contoso.comcontosoCustom domain name to use: Enter a value that Intune uses for the domain name, such as or contoso
  • AAD 中的電子郵件地址屬性:選擇使用者電子郵件地址的產生方式。Email address attribute from AAD: Choose how the email address for the user is generated. 選取 [使用者主體名稱] (user1@contoso.comuser1),使用完整主體名稱作為電子郵件地址,或選取 [主要 SMTP 位址] (,使用主要 SMTP 位址以登入 Exchange。Select User principal name ( or user1) to use the full principal name as the email address, or Primary SMTP address ( to use the primary SMTP address to sign in to Exchange.

  • 驗證方法:選取 [使用者名稱和密碼] 或 [憑證] 作為電子郵件設定檔所使用的驗證方法。Authentication method: Select either Username and Password or Certificates as the authentication method used by the email profile. 不支援 Azure Multi-Factor Authentication。Azure multi-factor authentication is not supported.

    • 若選取了 [憑證],請選取先前所建立用於驗證 Exchange 連線的用戶端 SCEP 或 PKCS 憑證。If you selected Certificate, select a client SCEP or PKCS certificate profile that you previously created that is used to authenticate the Exchange connection.
  • SSL:傳送電子郵件、接收電子郵件以及與 Exchange Server 進行通訊時,請使用安全通訊端層 (SSL) 通訊。SSL: Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication when sending emails, receiving emails, and communicating with the Exchange server.

  • S/MIME:使用 S/MIME 簽署傳送外寄電子郵件。S/MIME: Send outgoing email using S/MIME signing.

    • 若選取 [憑證],請選取先前建立用來驗證 Exchange 連線的 PKCS 憑證設定檔。If you selected Certificate, select a PKCS certificate profile you previously created to authenticate the Exchange connection.
  • 要同步處理的電子郵件數量:選擇想要同步處理的電子郵件天數。Amount of email to synchronize: Choose the number of days of email that you want to synchronize. 或者,選取 [無限制] 來同步處理所有可用的電子郵件。Or select Unlimited to synchronize all available email.

  • 允許將訊息移至其他電子郵件帳戶:可讓使用者在其裝置上設定的不同帳戶之間移動電子郵件訊息。Allow messages to be moved to other email accounts: Allows users to move email messages between different accounts they have configured on their device.

  • 允許從協力廠商應用程式傳送電子郵件:允許使用者選取此設定檔作為傳送電子郵件的預設帳戶,以及允許協力廠商的應用程式在原生電子郵件應用程式中開啟電子郵件;例如,將檔案附加至電子郵件。Allow email to be sent from third-party applications: Allow the user to select this profile as the default account for sending email, and allow third-party applications to open email in the native email app, for example, to attach files to email.

  • 同步最近使用過的電子郵件地址:可讓使用者將最近使用過的電子郵件地址清單與伺服器同步。Synchronize recently used email addresses: Allows users to synchronize the list of email addresses that have been recently used on the device with the server.

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