Microsoft Intune 中 Windows 10 裝置的電子郵件設定檔設定Email profile settings for Windows 10 devices in Microsoft Intune

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
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  • 電子郵件伺服器 - Exchange 伺服器的主機名稱。Email server - The host name of your Exchange server.
  • 帳戶名稱 - 在使用者裝置上顯示的電子郵件帳戶顯示名稱。Account name - The display name for the email account as it will appear to users on their devices.
  • 來自 AAD 的使用者名稱屬 -Active Directory (AD) 或 Azure AD 中的這個屬性,將會用來產生此電子郵件設定檔的使用者名稱。Username attribute from AAD - This is the attribute in Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD, that will be used to generate the username for this email profile. 選取 [主要 SMTP 位址],例如 或 [使用者主體名稱],例如 user1user1@contoso.comSelect Primary SMTP Address, such as or User Principal Name, such as user1 or
  • 來自 AAD 的電子郵件地址屬性 - 選取每個裝置上產生使用者電子郵件地址的方式。Email address attribute from AAD - How the email address for the user on each device is generated. 選取 [主要 SMTP 位址],使用主要 SMTP 位址來登入 Exchange;或使用 [使用者主體名稱],將完整主體名稱作為電子郵件地址。Select Primary SMTP Address to use the primary SMTP address to log into Exchange or use User Principal Name to use the full principal name as the email address.

安全性設定Security settings

  • SSL - 傳送電子郵件、接收電子郵件以及與 Exchange Server 進行通訊時,請使用安全通訊端層 (SSL) 通訊。SSL - Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication when sending emails, receiving emails, and communicating with the Exchange server.

同步處理設定Synchronization settings

  • 從要同步處理的電子郵件數量 - 選擇想要同步處理的電子郵件天數,或選取 [無限制] 來同步處理所有可用的電子郵件。Amount of email to synchronize - Choose the number of days of email that you want to synchronize, or select Unlimited to synchronize all available email.
  • 同步排程 - 選取裝置用來同步處理 Exchange Server 資料的排程。Sync schedule - Select the schedule by which devices will synchronize data from the Exchange server. 您也可以選取 [郵件送達時] 以在資料到達時立即同步處理資料,或 [手動 (使用此方式,裝置使用者必須啟動同步處理)]。You can also select As Messages arrive, which synchronizes data as soon as it arrives, or Manual, where the user of the device must initiate the synchronization.

內容同步設定Content sync settings

  • 要同步處理的內容類型 - 選取想要同步至裝置的內容類型來源:Content type to sync - Select the content types that you want to synchronize to devices from:
    • 連絡人Contacts
    • 行事曆Calendar
    • 工作Tasks