Intune 部署規劃、設計和實作指南Intune deployment planning, design, and implementation guide

成功的 Microsoft Intune 部署是從具有良好的規劃和設計開始。A successful Microsoft Intune deployment starts with having a good plan and design. 本指南的用途是逐步引導您逐步開發部署計畫、建立設計、將 Intune 上架並進行生產推出的程序。The purpose of this guide is to step you through the process of developing a deployment plan, creating a design, onboarding Intune, and conducting a production rollout.

本指南包含哪些內容?What’s included in this guide?

本指南包含將引導您完成部署 Intune 之端對端程序的章節。This guide includes sections that will walk you through the end-to-end process of deploying Intune. 從第 1 節開始釐清您的目的、目標和挑戰。Start with Section 1 to clarify your goals, objectives, and challenges. 然後根據您需要的順序前往第 2 - 7 節。Then move on to Sections 2 – 7 in the order that best meets your needs. 您不需要依序閱讀這些章節;您可以同時閱讀這些章節。You don't need to work through these sections sequentially; you can complete them in parallel.

本指南也會提供其他技術資訊,以及可用來協助您使用 Intune 部署規劃、設計和實作程序的資料表範本。This guide also provides additional technical information and table templates that can be used to assist you with the Intune deployment planning, design, and implementation process.


  • 您已經在概念證明 (PoC) 環境中評估過 Intune,並決定使用它作為組織中的行動裝置管理解決方案。You've already evaluated Intune in a proof of concept (PoC) environment, and have decided to use it as the mobile device management solution in your organization.

  • 您已經熟悉 Intune 和其功能。You're already familiar with Intune and its features.

接下來的步驟Next steps

讓我們開始進行第一節:判斷部署目的、目標和挑戰Let’s get started with the first section: Determine deployment goals, objectives, and challenges.