設定 Microsoft Teams 會議室主控台Configure a Microsoft Teams Rooms console

本文說明如何設定 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台及其外設。This article describes how to set up the Microsoft Teams Rooms console and its peripherals.

如果已建立並測試必要的 Microsoft 團隊或商務用 Skype 與 Exchange 帳戶,請依照 部署 Microsoft 團隊聊天室中的說明,只需執行這些步驟。You should only perform these steps if the necessary Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business and Exchange accounts have already been created and tested as described in Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms. 您將需要 Microsoft 團隊會議室需求中所述的硬體和軟體。You will need the hardware and software described in Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements. 本主題包含下列各節:This topic contains the following sections:


Microsoft 團隊聊天室只能在設定正確的 Microsoft 團隊或商務用 Skype 環境中運作,如 部署 Microsoft 團隊聊天室中所述。Microsoft Teams Rooms will only work in a properly configured Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business environment where the device accounts are set up correctly as described in Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms.

準備安裝媒體Prepare the installation media

安裝 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台 app 需要至少32GB 容量的 USB 儲存空間。Installing the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app requires a USB storage device with at least 32GB of capacity. 裝置上不應有任何其他檔案;USB 儲存空間中的任何現有檔案將會遺失。There should be no other files on the device; any existing files on the USB storage will be lost.


無法根據這些指示建立您的 Microsoft 團隊會議室安裝媒體,可能會導致意外的行為。Failure to create your Microsoft Teams Rooms installation media according to these instructions will likely result in unexpected behavior.


下列程式適用于建立安裝媒體至影像新的 Microsoft 團隊聊天室裝置。The process below is for creating installation media to image new Microsoft Teams Rooms devices. 根據預設,現有的裝置會自動從 Windows Update 和 Windows 市集中更新。Existing devices, by default, update automatically from Windows Update and the Windows Store.


用來建立 Microsoft 團隊聊天室安裝媒體的 Windows 10 電腦,必須位於與目標安裝媒體相同或更新版本的 Windows 上。The Windows 10 machine used to create the Microsoft Teams Rooms installation media must be on the same or later version of Windows as the target installation media.

  1. 下載 CreateSrsMedia.ps1 腳本Download the CreateSrsMedia.ps1 script.
  2. 從 Windows 10 電腦上的提升提示執行 CreateSrsMedia.ps1 腳本。Run the CreateSrsMedia.ps1 script from an elevated prompt on a Windows 10 machine.
  3. 遵循腳本的指示來建立 Microsoft 團隊聊天室 USB 安裝盤。Follow the script's instructions to create a Microsoft Teams Rooms USB setup disk.


每次 CreateSrsMedia.ps1 腳本啟動時,畫面輸出都會包含會話的記錄檔案名稱或記錄。Each time the CreateSrsMedia.ps1 script starts, the screen output will include the name of a log file or transcript for the session. 如果執行腳本時發生問題,請務必在要求支援時提供該記錄的複本。If there are issues with running the script, make sure to have a copy of that transcript available when requesting support.

CreateSrsMedia.ps1 腳本會自動執行下列任務:The CreateSrsMedia.ps1 script automates the following tasks:

  1. 下載適用于 Microsoft 團隊聊天室的最新 MSI 安裝程式。Download the latest MSI installer for Microsoft Teams Rooms.
  2. 決定使用者必須提供的 Windows 組建。Determine the build of Windows that the user must supply. 最近發行的版本可能與或不受測試,而且不支援與 Microsoft 團隊聊天室裝置搭配使用。The most recently released versions may or may not be tested and supported for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.
  3. 下載必要的支援元件。Download necessary supporting components.
  4. 在安裝媒體上組裝所需的元件。Assemble the needed components on the installation media.

需要 Windows 10 的特定版本,而且這個版本只提供大量授權客戶。A specific version of Windows 10 is required, and this version is only available to volume licensing customers. 您可以從 大量授權服務中心取得複本。You can get a copy from the Volume Licensing Service Center.

完成後,請從您的電腦中移除 USB 磁片,然後繼續 安裝 Windows 10 和 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台 appWhen finished, remove the USB disk from your computer and proceed to Install Windows 10 and the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app.

安裝 Windows 10 和 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台應用程式Install Windows 10 and the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app

您現在必須套用您所建立的安裝媒體。You now need to apply the setup media you've created. 目標裝置將會以裝置的方式執行,而且預設使用者將會設定為只執行 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台 app。The target device will run as an appliance and the default user will be set to only run the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app.

  1. 如果目標裝置將會安裝在 dock 中 (例如 Surface Pro) ,請將它從 dock 中中斷。If the target device will be installed in a dock (e.g., a Surface Pro), disconnect it from the dock.

  2. 確定目標裝置未連線至網路。Ensure the target device is not connected to the network.

  3. 確定目標裝置已連線至交流電源。Ensure the target device is connected to AC power.

  4. 將 USB 安裝盤插入目標裝置。Plug your USB setup disk into the target device.

  5. 啟動至 USB 安裝盤。Boot to the USB setup disk. 請參閱製造商的指示。Refer to the manufacturer instructions. 如果您的目標裝置是 Surface Pro,請使用下列步驟引導至 USB 安裝盤:If your target device is a Surface Pro, use the following steps to boot to the USB setup disk:

    a.a. 按下並持續按住音量, ( ) ] 按鈕。Press and continue to hold the volume down (-) button.

    b.b. 按下並放開 [電源] 按鈕。Press and release the power button.

    c-clip.c. 啟動 Windows 安裝程式後,請 ( ) ] 按鈕向下釋放音量。Once Windows setup is booted, release the volume down (-) button.

  6. 安裝完成後,系統會關閉。The system will shut down once installation is complete.

系統關閉之後,就可以安全地移除 USB 安裝盤了。After the system has shut down, it is safe to remove the USB setup disk. 此時,您可以將目標裝置放在其 dock 中 (如果您使用的是 dock 產品) ,請附加會議室所需的外設,然後連線到網路。At this point, you can place the target device in its dock (if using a dock-based product), attach the peripherals needed for your meeting room, and connect to the network. 請參閱製造商的指示。Refer to the manufacturer instructions.


Microsoft 團隊聊天室的軟體更新會自動從商務用 Microsoft 網上商店下載。Software updates for Microsoft Teams Rooms are automatically downloaded from the Microsoft Store for Business. 請參閱 Microsoft Store For Business 和教育版的先決條件 ,確認聊天室主機能夠存取商店及自我更新。See Prerequisites for Microsoft Store for Business and Education to verify that the room console will be able to access the store and self-update.

選取語言Selecting a language

在建立者的更新中,當隱含語言選取不會提供使用者所需的實際應用程式語言時,您將需要使用 ApplyCurrentRegionAndLanguage.ps1 腳本 (例如,他們想要讓主控台 app 以法文來提出,但它會在英文) 中推出。In Creator's Update, you will need to use the ApplyCurrentRegionAndLanguage.ps1 script in scenarios where implicit language selection does not provide the user with the actual application language they want (e.g., they want the console app to come up in French, but it's coming up in English).


下列指示僅適用于使用 Windows Creator 更新程式建立的主控台。The following instructions work only for consoles created using Windows Creator's Update. 未使用新的置備系統的媒體進行設定的舊版/內建系統將無法使用這些指示,但也不會受到需要此手動干預的初始問題 (周年紀念版本中,您可以在設定) 中明確挑選您的應用程式語言。Legacy/in-market systems that have not been set up using media with the new provisioning system will not be able to use these instructions, but should also not suffer from the initial issue that requires this manual intervention (Anniversary Edition let you pick your app language explicitly as part of setup).

若要套用您想要的語言To apply your desired language

  1. 切換到 [管理員模式]。Switch to Admin mode.

  2. 選取 [開始] 功能表。Select the Start menu.

  3. 選取齒輪圖示以啟動 [ 設定 ] app。Select the gear icon to launch the Settings app.

  4. 選取 [ 時間 & 語言]。Select Time & language.

  5. 選取 [ 地區 & 語言]。Select Region & language.

  6. 選取 [ 新增語言]。Select Add a language.

  7. 選取您想要新增的語言。Select the language you wish to add.

  8. 選取您剛才新增至 [語言] 清單的語言。Select the language you just added to the "Languages" list.

  9. 選取 [ 設成預設值]。Select Set as default.

  10. 針對您想要移除的任何語言:For any languages you wish to remove:

    a.a. 選取您要移除的語言。Select the language you wish to remove.

    b.b. 選取 [ 移除]。Select Remove.

  11. 啟動提升許可權的命令提示字元。Start an elevated command prompt.

  12. 執行下列命令:Run the following command:

    powershell -executionpolicy unrestricted c:\Rigel\x64\scripts\provisioning\scriptlaunch.ps1 ApplyCurrentRegionAndLanguage.ps1
  13. 重新開機系統。Restart the system.

您想要的語言現在已套用至 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台。Your desired language is now applied to the Microsoft Teams Rooms console.

主機的初始設定Initial set up of the console

安裝 Windows 之後,當您下一次啟動或選取 [/reboot] 選項時,Microsoft [小組聊天室] 主控台 app 就會進入初始設定處理常式。After Windows is installed, the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app will go into its initial Setup process when it is started next or if the /reboot option was chosen.

  1. [使用者帳戶] 畫面隨即出現。The User Account screen appears. 在要與主機搭配使用的房間帳戶) 中,輸入 (user@domain 格式的 Skype 登入位址。Enter the Skype sign-in address (in user@domain format) of the room account to be used with the console.

  2. 輸入房間帳戶的密碼,然後重新輸入以進行驗證。Enter the password for the room account, and re-enter it to verify.

  3. 在 [設定網域] 底下,設定商務用 Skype Server 的 FQDN。Under "Configure Domain," set the FQDN for the Skype for Business Server. 如果商務用 Skype SIP 網域與使用者的 Exchange 網域不同,請在此欄位中輸入 Exchange 網域。If the Skype for Business SIP domain is different from the Exchange domain of the user, enter the Exchange domain in this field.

  4. 按一下 [下一步]Click Next.

  5. 在 [功能] 畫面上選取所指示的裝置,然後按 [下一步]Select the indicated devices on the Features screen and click Next. 預設值是將 [自動螢幕共用] 設定為 [開啟],並隱藏會議名稱設定為 [關閉]。The default is to have Auto Screen sharing set to On and Hide meeting names set to Off. 要選取的裝置包括:The devices to select are:

    • 會議麥克風:此會議室的預設麥克風。Microphone for Conferencing: the default microphone for this conference room.

    • 會議的演講者:會議的預設喇叭。Speaker for Conferencing: the default speaker for conferencing.

    • 預設喇叭:從 HDMI 接收音訊所用的喇叭。Default Speaker: the speaker used for audio from the HDMI ingest.

      每個專案都有下拉式清單,其中包含選取的選項。Each item has a drop-down menu of options to select from. 您必須為每個裝置進行選取。You must make a selection for each device.

  6. 按一下 [完成]Click Finish.

Microsoft [團隊聊天室] 主控台 app 應該會立即開始使用上述輸入的認證來登入商務用 Skype Server,也應該使用相同的認證開始與 Exchange 同步處理其行事曆。The Microsoft Teams Rooms console app should immediately start signing in to Skype for Business Server with the credentials entered above, and should also begin syncing its calendar with Exchange using those same credentials. 如需使用主控台 app 的詳細資料,請參閱 Microsoft 團隊聊天室說明。For details on using the console app, refer to the Microsoft Teams Rooms help.


Microsoft 團隊聊天室會依賴已認證的主控台硬體是否存在。Microsoft Teams Rooms relies on the presence of certified console hardware. 即使有正確建立的包含 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台應用程式的影像,也不會超過初始設定程式(除非偵測到主控台硬體),否則不會啟動。Even a correctly created image containing the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app will not boot past the initial setup procedure unless the console hardware is detected. 針對 Surface Pro 解決方案,Surface Pro 必須連線至其隨附的 dock 硬體,才能傳送此檢查。For Surface Pro based solutions, the Surface Pro must be connected to its accompanying dock hardware to pass this check.


某些非英文語言的使用者在初始設定期間,可能需要有一個與主機連接的物理鍵盤,在觸控式鍵盤上不支援此符號。Some non-English language users may need a physical keyboard connected to the console during initial setup in the event that symbols are not supported on the touch keyboard.

在主控台上安裝私人 CA 憑證Install a private CA certificate on the console

Microsoft [小組聊天室] 主控台需要信任其所連接之伺服器所使用的憑證。The Microsoft Teams Rooms console needs to trust the certificates used by the servers it connects to. 針對 O365,這會自動完成,因為這些伺服器使用的是公用憑證授權單位,且這些伺服器會自動受 Windows 10 信任。For O365 this is done automatically, since these servers are using public Certificate Authorities and these are automatically trusted by Windows 10. 在憑證授權單位是私人的情況下(例如,內部部署與 Active Directory 和 Windows Certificate 機關),您可以使用下列幾種方式將憑證新增到 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台:In a case where the Certificate Authority is private, for instance an on-premises deployment with Active Directory and the Windows Certificate Authority, you can add the certificate to the Microsoft Teams Rooms console in a couple of ways:

  • 您可以將主機加入 Active Directory,而且會自動將指定給憑證授權單位的必要憑證發佈至 Active Directory (標準部署選項) 。You can join the console to Active Directory and that will automatically add the required certificates given the Certificate Authority is published to Active Directory (normal deployment option).

  • 您可以在影像處理常式之後,手動安裝證書。You can install the certificate manually after the imaging process. 在執行此動作之前,您必須先完成主機 的初始設定Before you do this, you must complete Initial set up of the console.

手動安裝憑證To manually install the certificate

  1. 將 CA 憑證下載到您的電腦,並將它儲存到 [C:\Skype 聊天室 Systems\x64\Scripts\Provisioning\CAcertificate.cer]。Download the CA certificate to your computer and save it to "C:\Skype Room Systems\x64\Scripts\Provisioning\CAcertificate.cer".

  2. 將主機置於 [管理員模式] (請參閱 [管理員模式] 和 [裝置管理]) 。Place the console in admin mode (see Admin mode and device management).

  3. 執行下列命令:Run the following command:

    certutil -addstore -f -enterprise root "C:\Skype Room Systems\x64\Scripts\Provisioning\CAcertificate.cer"

加入 Active Directory 網域 (選擇性) Join an Active Directory domain (Optional)

您可以將 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台加入您的網域。You can join Microsoft Teams Rooms consoles to your domain. Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台應該與電腦工作站放在不同的 OU 中,因為許多工作站原則都不與 Microsoft 團隊聊天室相容。Microsoft Teams Rooms consoles should be placed in a separate OU from your PC workstations because many workstation policies are not compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms. 常見的範例是密碼強制原則,可避免 Microsoft 團隊聊天室自動啟動。A common example are password enforcement policies that will prevent Microsoft Teams Rooms from starting up automatically. 如需管理 GPO 設定的相關資訊,請參閱 管理 Microsoft 團隊聊天室For information about the management of GPO settings, please refer to Manage Microsoft Teams Rooms.

將 Microsoft 團隊聊天室加入網域To join Microsoft Teams Rooms to a domain

  1. 從 [管理員帳戶] 登入主機 (請參閱系統 管理員模式和裝置管理) 。Sign into the console from the admin account (see Admin mode and device management).

  2. 啟動提升的 Powershell 命令提示字元。Launch elevated Powershell command prompt.

  3. 在 Powershell 中輸入下列命令:Enter the following command in Powershell:

    Add-Computer -DomainName <Fully qualified domain> -OUPath "OU=<Child OU>, … ,OU=<Top level OU>,DC=<child domain>,…,DC=<top level domain>"

例如,如果您的完整網域是 redmond.corp.microsoft.com,而您想要將 Microsoft 團隊聊天室主控台放在作為「資源」 OU 子級的「Microsoft 球隊聊天室」 OU 中,則此命令將會是:For example, if your fully qualified domain is redmond.corp.microsoft.com and you want your Microsoft Teams Rooms consoles to be in a "Microsoft Teams Rooms" OU that is a child of a "Resources" OU, the command will be:

Add-Computer -DomainName redmond.corp.microsoft.com -OUPath "OU=Microsoft_Teams_Rooms,OU=Resources,DC=redmond,DC=corp,DC=microsoft,DC=com"

如果您想要在將電腦加入網域時重新命名,請使用-NewName 標誌,後面接著電腦的新名稱。If you would like to rename the computer when joining it to a domain, use the -NewName flag followed by the computer's new name.

Microsoft 團隊聊天室部署檢查清單Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment checklist

在執行最終驗證時,請使用下列檢查清單,並對所有週邊設備進行完整的設定:Use the following checklist while doing a final verification that the console and all its peripherals are fully configured:

應用程式設定Application settings

會議室帳戶名稱和電話 # (如果已啟用 PSTN) 在主控台畫面的右上方能正確顯示Room account name and phone # (if PSTN enabled) are correctly displayed in top right of console screen

Windows 電腦名稱稱設定正確 (適用于遠端系統管理) Windows computer name is set correctly (useful for remote administration)

已設定並驗證管理員帳戶密碼Administrator account password set and verified

已套用所有的固件更新All firmware updates have been applied

音訊/視頻外設Audio/video peripherals

如果適用的話,相機週邊版固件版本是正確的 () Camera peripheral firmware version is correct (if applicable)

相機功能和定位最佳Camera functional and positioned optimally

[播放預設裝置] 和 [播放預設通訊裝置] 設定設為預期音訊外設的設定Settings for Playback Default Device and Playback Default Communications Device set to intended audio peripheral

錄製預設通訊裝置設定為預期音訊外設的設定Settings for Recording Default Communication Device set to the intended audio peripheral

音訊外設固件版本正確 ((如果適用的話)) Audio peripheral firmware version is correct (if applicable)

音訊輸入裝置功能與最佳位置Audio input device functional and optimally positioned

音訊輸出裝置功能與最佳位置Audio output device functional and optimally positioned


纜線安全且無法 pinchedCables are secure and not pinched

在 HDMI 上的音訊攝取功能正常運作Audio ingest over HDMI is functional

在 HDMI 上的影片接收功能正常運作Video ingest over HDMI is functional

固定塢可自由旋轉Dock can swivel freely

環境可接受顯示器亮度Display brightness is acceptable for environment

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