ApplicationSettings RasterExportDataFormat 屬性 (Visio)ApplicationSettings.RasterExportDataFormat property (Visio)

會決定當您呼叫**MasterPageSelectionShape** 物件的export方法, 以將指定的物件匯出至 GIF 或 PNG 檔案時, 匯出的點陣影像是交錯或非交錯的。Determines whether the exported raster image is interlaced or non-interlaced when you call the Export method of the Master, Page, Selection, or Shape object to export the specified object to a GIF or PNG file. 可讀寫。Read/write.



_運算式_會傳回**ApplicationSettings** 物件的運算式。expression An expression that returns an ApplicationSettings object.

傳回值Return value



RasterExportDataFormat屬性的值必須是下列其中一個VisRasterExportDataFormat常數。The value of the RasterExportDataFormat property must be one of the following VisRasterExportDataFormat constants.

常數Constant Value 描述Description
visRasterInterlacevisRasterInterlace 0 交錯格式,此為預設值。Interlace format, the default.
visRasterNonInterlacevisRasterNonInterlace 一級1 非交錯格式。Non-interlace format.

對於任何指定的 Microsoft Visio 會話, 當RasterExportDataFormat屬性值是以程式設計方式或在使用者介面中設定時, 此設定就會成為會話其餘部分的新預設值。For any given session of Microsoft Visio, when the RasterExportDataFormat property value is set, either programmatically or in the user interface, the setting then becomes the new default for the remainder of the session. 不過, 它不會保存到下一個會話。However, it is not persisted to the next session.

RasterExportDataFormat屬性的設定會對應至 [ GIF 輸出選項] 或 [ PNG 輸出選項] 對話方塊中的 [資料格式] 設定。The setting of the RasterExportDataFormat property corresponds to the Data format setting in the GIF Output Options or PNG Output Options dialog box. (按一下 [檔案] 索引標籤, 按一下 [另存新檔], 然後在 [檔****類型] 清單中選取 [圖形交換格式 ( .Gif)* ] 或 [*可移植網狀圖形] ( .png)**, 然後按一下 [**儲存**]。(Click the File tab, click Save As, in the Save as type list, select Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif) or Portable Network Graphics (*.png), and then click Save.)

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