Orchestrator 的整合套件清單List of Integration Packs for Orchestrator


此版本的 Orchestrator 已達終止支援,建議您 升級至 Orchestrator 2019This version of Orchestrator has reached the end of support, we recommend you to upgrade to Orchestrator 2019.

以下是可用的整合套件和各項資訊的清單。The following is a list of the available integration packs and the information for each.

Active DirectoryActive Directory


Exchange 管理員Exchange Administrator

Exchange 使用者Exchange Users


Hewlett Packard 整合式燈光活動Hewlett Packard Integrated Lights-Out activites

Hewlett Packard Operations ManagerHewlett Packard Operations Manager

Hewlett Packard Service ManagerHewlett Packard Service Manager



共用點Share Point

VMware 球體VMware Sphere

Data Protection ManagerData Protection Manager

組態管理員Configuration Manager

Operations ManagerOperations Manager

Service ManagerService Manager

Virtual Machine ManagerVirtual Machine Manager