如何回報 Visual Studio 或 Visual Studio 安裝程式的問題How to report a problem with Visual Studio or Visual Studio Installer


針對 Visual Studio for Mac,請參閱如何在 Visual Studio for Mac 中回報問題For Visual Studio for Mac, see How to report a problem in Visual Studio for Mac.

您可以使用 Visual Studio 或其安裝程式中所包含的意見反應工具來報告問題。You can report a problem from either Visual Studio or its installer by using the Feedback Tool included in them. 意見反應工具可讓您輕鬆地將診斷資訊納入您的意見反應中,並協助 Visual Studio 小組更有效率地診斷和修正問題。The Feedback Tool enables you to easily include diagnostic information in your feedback and helps Visual Studio teams to diagnose and fix issues much more effectively. 以下是回報問題的步驟。Here are the steps to report a problem.

  1. 在 Visual Studio 中,選取右上角的意見反應圖示,然後選取 [回報問題]。In Visual Studio, select the feedback icon in the upper-right corner and select Report a Problem. 您也可以從功能表的 [說明] > [傳送意見反應] > [回報問題] 來存取意見反應工具。You can also access the feedback tool from the menu Help > Send Feedback > Report a Problem. Visual Studio 開發人員社群上的回報問題彈出視窗 如果您無法安裝 Visual Studio 或無法在 Visual Studio 中存取意見反應工具,您也可以改為在 Visual Studio 安裝程式中回報問題。Report an issue pop-up on Visual Studio Developer Community Alternatively, report a problem in Visual Studio Installer if you can't install Visual Studio or are unable to access the feedback tool within Visual Studio. 在安裝程式中,選取右上角的意見反應圖示,然後選取 [回報問題]。In the Installer, select the feedback icon in the upper-right corner and select Report a Problem. Visual Studio Developer Community 上的回報問題快顯Report an issue pop-up on Visual Studio Developer Community

  2. 如果尚未登入,請選取 [登入] 如下列螢幕擷取畫面所示。If not signed in, select Sign In as shown in the following screenshot. 依照畫面上的指示操作來登入。Follow the instructions on-screen to sign in.


    登入之後您不只可以回報問題,還可以對任何現有意見反應進行投票和評論。Not only can you report a problem when you are signed in, but you can also vote and comment on any existing feedback.

  3. 登入後,就能在 [我追蹤的項目] 畫面中看到您的 [問題] 及 [活動]Once signed in, you will be able to see your Problems and Activity on the Items I follow screen


  4. Visual Studio 提供一個介面,讓您搜尋自己的問題並看看其他人是否已回報過。Visual Studio provides an interface to search for your problem and see if others have reported it. 如果有人回報過,則請對它投票,讓我們知道。If someone has reported it, "up-vote" it to let us know.


    若要搜尋,請在搜尋方塊中輸入想要的文字,然後按一下 Enter 或按搜尋圖示。In order to search, please input the desired text into the search box and either click Enter or press the Search icon.


  5. 若沒有找到您遇到的問題,請選擇畫面底部的 [回報新問題]。If you don’t find the problem you encountered, choose Report new problem at the bottom of the screen.


    [回報新問題] 按鈕只會顯示在 Visual Studio 的 Developer Community 介面。The Report new problem button only appears in the Visual Studio interface for Developer Community. 您無法直接在 Developer Community 網站回報問題。You can't report a problem directly on the Developer Community website.

  6. 建立問題的描述性標題,如此可協助我們將問題發送給適當的 Visual Studio 團隊。Create a descriptive title for the problem that helps us route it to the correct Visual Studio team.

  7. 請提供其他任何詳細資訊給我們,如果可能,也請提供重現問題的步驟。Give us any additional details, and if possible, provide us with the steps to reproduce the problem.


  8. 選取 [下一步] 移到 [附件] 索引標籤。您可在這裡擷取目前畫面,並傳送給 Microsoft。Select Next to move to the Attachments tab. Here, you can capture your current screen to send it to Microsoft. 若要附加額外的螢幕擷取畫面或其他檔案,請選擇 [附加其他檔案]。To attach additional screenshots or other files, choose Attach Additional Files.

    將螢幕擷取畫面附加到 Visual Studio 問題報告

  9. 若您不想附加螢幕擷取畫面或錄製重現,請選取 [下一步] 移到 [摘要] 索引標籤。If you don't want to attach a screenshot or record a repro, select Next to move to the Summary tab.

  10. 選取 [提交],連同任何影像、追蹤檔案或傾印檔案送出您的報表。Select Submit to send your report, along with any images and trace or dump files. (如果 [提交] 按鈕呈現灰色,請確定您已提供報表的標題與描述。)(If the Submit button is grayed out, make sure that you've provided a title and description for the report.)

    如需所收集的資料相關資訊,請參閱我們收集的資料For information about what data is collected, see Data we collect.

錄製重現Record a repro

追蹤和堆積傾印檔案有助於我們診斷問題。Trace and heap dump files are useful in helping us diagnose problems. 我們很感激您願意使用 [回報問題] 工具記錄重現問題的步驟,並將資料傳送給 Microsoft。We appreciate it when you use the Report a Problem tool to record your repro steps and send the data to Microsoft. 以下是操作說明:Here's how to do so:

  1. 在您輸入問題的標題與描述後,選取 [下一步] 前往 [附件] 索引標籤。After you enter a title and description for your problem, select Next to move to the Attachments tab.

  2. 選擇 [錄製] 索引標籤。Select the Record tab.

  3. 在 [錄製您的動作] 下,若您能在目前的 Visual Studio 執行個體重現問題,請加以選取。Under Record your actions, select the current instance of Visual Studio if you can reproduce the problem there. 若因為 Visual Studio 停止回應等情況而無法這樣做,則選取 [建立新的執行個體>]<,在新的 Visual Studio 執行個體中錄製動作。If you can't, for example if Visual Studio is hung, select <Create a new instance> to record the actions in a new instance of Visual Studio.

  4. 選取 [開始錄製]。Select Start Recording. 授與權限來執行工具。Give permission to run the tool.

    選擇 [開始錄製] 以在 Visual Studio 問題報告中提供追蹤與堆積傾印檔案

  5. 出現 [步驟收錄程式] 工具時,請執行重現問題的步驟。When the Steps Recorder tool appears, perform the steps that reproduce the problem.

  6. 完成之後,請選擇 [停止錄製] 按鈕。When you're done, choose the Stop Record button.

  7. 請稍等幾分鐘,讓 Visual Studio 收集和封裝已錄製的資訊。Wait a few minutes for Visual Studio to collect and package the information that you recorded.

    如需所收集的資料相關資訊,請參閱我們收集的資料For information about what data is collected, see Data we collect.

需要更多資訊時 (需要更多資訊)When further information is needed (Need More Info)

從 Visual Studio 2017 版本 15.5 開始,有新的工作流程可協助使用者提供問題報告的額外資訊。Starting in Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.5, there's a new workflow to help users provide additional information about problem reports.

  1. 當 Microsoft 工程師將 Visual Studio Developer Community 的問題設為需要更多資訊狀態時,對問題進行張貼、投票、追蹤或留言的任何使用者,都會在 Visual Studio 中的回報問題工具收到通知。When a Microsoft engineer sets the Visual Studio Developer Community problem to the Need More Info state, any user that posted, voted, followed, or commented on the problem gets a notification in the Report A Problem tool in Visual Studio.

    Visual Studio 中需要更多資訊的通知

  2. 按一下 [檢視問題] 連結來篩選及排序檢視,以顯示需要注意的問題。Click on the View Problems link to filter and sort the view to the problems that need attention. 這些問題旁還會有指標,以在一般搜尋中加以區分。These problems also have an indicator next to them, to differentiate them in general search.

  3. 按一下問題即可看到問題的詳細資料檢視。Click on a problem to see the problem details view.


  4. 若要檢視需要更多資訊要求,請在問題詳細資料檢視中按一下 [檢視他人的要求與回覆] 連結。To view the Need More Info request, click the View their request and respond link in the problem details view. 對話方塊隨即顯示要求。A dialog box shows the request.


  5. 您可以藉由新增留言、附件或錄製步驟,來提供更多資訊。You can provide more information by adding comments, attachments, or recording steps. 這個體驗類似於在對問題投票時,回報新問題或提供額外資訊。This experience is similar to reporting a new problem or providing additional information when voting on a problem.

  6. 提出要求的 Microsoft 工程師會收到提供了額外資訊的通知。The requesting Microsoft engineer receives a notification about the extra information provided. 如果他們有足夠的資訊可供調查,問題狀態就會變更。If they have enough information to investigate, the problem state changes. 否則,工程師會進一步要求更多資訊。Otherwise, the engineer asks for even further information.


    • 當您回覆時,通知就會消失。When you reply, the notification goes away. 在那個位置,您會看到一個橫幅向您致謝,並鼓勵您提供更多資訊。In its place, you see a banner that thanks you and facilitates a way to provide even more information.
    • 一旦問題變更了狀態,追蹤問題的所有人就都不會再看到通知。Once the issue changes state, the notification goes away for everyone that's following the issue.
    • 不只一個人可以回覆同一個需要更多資訊要求。More than one person can reply on the same Need More Info request.
    • 當您從網頁瀏覽器直接存取 Developer Community 時,上面不會有需要更多資訊工作流程,但仍可在該處提供留言和附件。There isn't a Need More Info workflow on Developer Community when you access it directly through a web browser, but you can also provide comments and attachments there.

搜尋解決方案或提供意見反應Search for solutions or provide feedback

如果您不想要或無法使用 Visual Studio 來回報問題,有可能那個問題已經回報過,而且解決方案已張貼於 Visual Studio 開發人員社群頁面 (英文) 頁面。If you don't want to or can't use Visual Studio to report a problem, there's a chance the problem has already been reported and a solution posted on the Visual Studio Developer Community page.

如果您沒有要回報的問題,但想要提出功能建議,也有管道可以這樣做。If you don't have a problem to report but want to suggest a feature, there's a place for that, too. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱提出功能建議頁面。For more information, see the Suggest a feature page.

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