Visual Studio 訂用帳戶的新功能What's new in Visual Studio subscriptions

我們會經常更新訂用帳戶權益套件,使其對於而言更加實用。We update the Subscription benefits package often to make it more useful to you. 我們也會改良訂閱者和訂用帳戶的管理入口網站,為您提供最佳的使用體驗。We'll also make enhancements to our subscriber and subscription management portals to provide you the best possible experience. 請繼續閱讀,深入了解按季排列的最新功能和更新。Read on to learn about the latest features and updates, sorted quarterly.

2020 第 1 季 (1 月至 3 月)2020 Q1 (January-March)

訂用帳戶管理入口網站Subscriptions Administration Portal

2020的第一季看到新的外觀,以及 Visual Studio 訂閱系統管理入口網站的一些新功能 https://manage.visualstudio.comThe first quarter of 2020 saw a new look and some new features for the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal at 入口網站的變更包含新的色彩配置,以及某些工具的重新排列。The changes to the portal included a new color scheme and the rearrangement of some of the tools. 您的訂用帳戶配置、合約詳細資料和最大使用量的總覽現在是由左上方的按鈕所控制。The overview of your subscription allocations, agreement details, and maximum usage are now controlled by buttons at the top left. 這有助於將您最常進行的管理工作的可用螢幕空間最大化,例如指派和編輯訂閱。This helps maximize available screen space for the management tasks you do most frequently, like assigning and editing subscriptions.

我們也結合了選項來新增 invididual 訂閱者,並在下拉式清單 + [新增 ] 功能表中執行大量新增。We've also combined the options to add invididual subscribers and perform bulk additions in a drop down + Add menu.

訂用帳戶管理入口網站的新 UIThe new UI for the Subscriptions Administration portal

連接電子郵件Connect Emails

我們讓您能輕鬆地比對使用 Microsoft 帳戶 (MSA) 至 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 的訂閱者,因此您可以快速地連結這兩個身分識別。We've made it easy to match subscribers who are using Microsoft Accounts (MSA) to your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), so you can quickly link the two identities. 使用 Azure AD 身分識別可提供更高的安全性和更輕鬆的訂用帳戶管理。Using Azure AD identities provides increased security and easier subscription management. 如需詳細資料,請參閱我們的 個人登入文章Check out our personal sign-ins article for more details.

使用 Azure Active Directory 群組新增訂閱者Add subscribers using Azure Active Directory groups

如果您的組織使用 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) ,您現在可以使用 Azure AD 群組來管理訂用帳戶。If your organization uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you can now manage subscriptions using Azure AD groups. 將訂用帳戶指派給群組,讓您能夠非常快速地將相同類型的訂閱提供給多個使用者。Assigning subscriptions to groups gives you the ability to very quickly provide subscriptions of the same type to multiple users. 將新使用者新增至 Azure AD 群組時,系統會自動將訂用帳戶指派給他們。When new users are added to the Azure AD group, they're automatically assigned a subscription. 如果從 Azure AD 群組中移除使用者,也會移除其訂用帳戶。If a user is removed from the Azure AD group, their subscription is also removed. 這可協助您的組織將您的訂用帳戶管理自動化,以節省管理員的時間和精力。This helps your organization automate your subscription management, saving adminstrators time and effort. 如需詳細資料,請參閱檔中的「 新增多位使用者 」文章。Check out the Add multiple users article in our documentation for the details.

CAST HighlightCAST Highlight

我們很高興宣佈我們的合作夥伴所提供的權益,轉型醒目提示。We're pleased to announce an expansion of the benefits offered by our partner, CAST Highlight.

  • Visual Studio Enterprise 訂用帳戶中包含的權益長度已延長為六個月。The length of the benefit included in Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions has been extended to six months.
  • Visual Studio Professional 訂閱者現在可以接收訂用帳戶,讓他們在三個月內評估單一應用程式。Visual Studio Professional subscribers can now receive a subscription allowing them to assess a single application for three months.

2020 年第 2 季 (4 月至 6 月)2020 Q2 (April-June)

Visual Studio 訂閱入口網站Visual Studio Subscriptions Portal

Visual Studio 訂閱的入口網站會進行外觀和易用性的重大變更。The Visual Studio Subscriptions Portal underwent significant changes in appearance and ease of use.

  • 優點圖格已調整大小,並會顯示在視窗中,因此您不需要向左或向右移動以查看指定類別中的所有磚。Benefits tiles have been resized and are all displayed in the window so you don't need to scroll left or right to see all of the tiles in a given category.
  • 您可以選擇顯示所有可用的權益,或使用類別選擇器只顯示一個類別。You can choose to display all your available benefits, or display only one category using the Category Picker.

    新權益分類別選取器The new benefits category picker

  • 我們也已將訂用帳戶選擇器從視窗的右上角移至更容易存取的位置。We've also moved the Subscription Picker from the top right corner of the window to a more accessible location.

    新的訂用帳戶選擇器The new subscription picker

  • 我們已在權益清單頂端新增「精選權益」,以呼叫新的或熱門的權益。We've added a "Featured benefit" at the top of the benefits list to call out new or popular benefits.

    新的精選權益The new featured benefit

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