QoS 原則架構QoS Policy Architecture

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

您可以使用本主題以深入了解 QoS 原則的架構。You can use this topic to learn about the architecture of QoS Policy.

下圖顯示原則為主 QoS 的架構。The following figure shows the architecture of Policy-based QoS.

QoS 原則的架構

原則為主 QoS 的架構所組成下列元件:The architecture of Policy-based QoS consists of the following components:

  • 群組原則 Client 服務Group Policy Client Service. Windows 的服務管理使用者和電腦群組原則設定。A Windows service that manages user and computer configuration Group Policy settings.

  • 群組原則引擎Group Policy engine. 使用者和電腦群組原則設定擷取 Active Directory 開機時和定期群組原則 Client 服務的元件檢查對 \(預設每 90 minutes\)。A component of the Group Policy Client Service that retrieves user and computer configuration Group Policy settings from Active Directory upon startup and periodically checks for changes (by default, every 90 minutes). 如果偵測到的變更,群組原則引擎擷取的新群組原則設定。If changes are detected, the Group Policy engine retrieves the new Group Policy settings. 群組原則引擎處理傳入 Gpo 和 QoS 原則更新時通知 QoS Client 側邊擴充功能。The Group Policy engine processes the incoming GPOs and informs the QoS Client Side Extension when the QoS policies are updated.

  • QoS 用側邊延伸QoS Client Side Extension. 等待 QoS 原則已變更群組原則引擎的指示,會通知 QoS 偵測模組群組原則 Client 服務的元件。A component of the Group Policy Client Service that waits for an indication from the Group Policy engine that the QoS policies have changed and informs the QoS Inspection Module.

  • TCP/IP 堆疊TCP/IP Stack. TCP/IP 堆疊包含 IPv4 和 IPv6 整合的支援與支援的 Windows 篩選平台。The TCP/IP stack that includes integrated support for IPv4 and IPv6 and supports Windows Filtering Platform.

  • 檢查 QoSQoS Inspection. 中的指示 QoS Client 側邊擴充功能,從 QoS 原則變更等待 TCP/IP 堆疊模組元件擷取 QoS 原則設定,並互動傳輸層並 Pacer.sys 內部標記的流量符合 QoS 原則。Module A component within the TCP/IP stack that waits for indications of QoS policy changes from the QoS Client Side Extension, retrieves the QoS policy settings, and interacts with the Transport Layer and Pacer.sys to internally mark traffic that matches the QoS policies.

  • NDIS 6.xNDIS 6.x. 標準介面之間核心模式網路驅動程式和 Windows Server 和 Client 的作業系統中的作業系統。A standard interface between kernel-mode network drivers and the operating system in Windows Server and Client operating systems. NDIS 6.x 支援輕量的篩選器簡化驅動程式模型 NDIS 中繼驅動程式和迷你連接埠驅動程式,可提供更好的效能。NDIS 6.x supports lightweight filters, which is a simplified driver model for NDIS intermediate drivers and miniport drivers that provides better performance.

  • QoS 網路提供者介面 (NPI)QoS Network Provider Interface (NPI). Interface 互動 Pacer.sys 核心模式驅動程式。An interface for kernel-mode drivers to interact with Pacer.sys.

  • Pacer.sysPacer.sys. NDIS 6.x 輕量 filter 驅動程式的控制項封包排程原則為主 QoS 和流量的應用程式使用一般 QoS (GQoS) 和控制資料傳輸 (TC) Api。An NDIS 6.x lightweight filter driver that controls packet scheduling for Policy-based QoS and for the traffic of applications that use the Generic QoS (GQoS) and Traffic Control (TC) APIs. Pacer.sys 取代 Psched.sys Windows Server 2003 及 Windows XP 中。Pacer.sys replaced Psched.sys in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. 安裝 Pacer.sys 與 QoS 封包排程元件從網路或介面卡的屬性。Pacer.sys is installed with the QoS Packet Scheduler component from the properties of a network connection or adapter.

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