Using Server Management to configure client computers

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Server Management is a preconfigured console that contains management tools for members of the Domain Admins security group. The left side of the console is the console tree; the right side is the details pane. Server Management enables you to quickly configure client computers, and install, add, edit, or remove client applications.

If you click Client Computers under Server Management in the console tree, you can view the tasks you must do to configure client computers. The tasks appear in the details pane:

  • Click Set Up Client Computers to start the Set Up Computer Wizard. For more information, see Using the Set Up Computer Wizard. This wizard creates client computer accounts, assigns applications, and configures remote access.

  • Click Create Remote Connection Disk to start the Create Remote Connection Disk Wizard, which creates a floppy disk that enables users to connect remotely to the server. For more information, see Configuring remote connections.

  • Click Assign Applications to Client Computers to start the Assign Applications Wizard, which assigns applications without your needing to go through client Setup. For more information, see Installing and configuring client applications.

  • Click View Computer Settings to view how a client computer is currently configured. For more information, see Viewing a client computers settings.

  • Click Set Up Client Applications to start the Set Up Client Applications Wizard, which enables you to include additional applications and to edit or remove applications when you run the Set Up Computer Wizard. For more information, see Using the Set Up Client Applications Wizard.

  • Click Manage Users to add and manage users accounts.

  • Click Manage Server Computers to set up and manage additional servers.

  • Click Refresh to refresh the screen.

  • Click More Information to learn more about setting up and managing client computers.