WorksheetDataConnection WorksheetDataConnection WorksheetDataConnection Interface


Used to import data into the Data Model from data on the worksheet such as ranges and tables.

public interface class WorksheetDataConnection
public interface WorksheetDataConnection
Public Interface WorksheetDataConnection


Application Application Application

Returns an Application object that represents the Excel application. Read-only.

CommandText CommandText CommandText

Returns or sets the command string for the specified data source. Object (object in C#) Read/Write.

CommandType CommandType CommandType

Returns or sets one of the XlCmdType constants. For a WorksheetDataConnection object, this type will be set to xlCmdExcel.

Connection Connection Connection

Returns the internal connection string to the object in Excel. Object (object in C#) Read-only.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the specified object was created. Read-only Integer (int in C#).

Parent Parent Parent

Returns an Object (object in C#) that represents the parent object of the specified WorksheetDataConnection object. Read-only.

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