Build 2017: Cognitive Services New APIs - Custom Vision, Video Indexer, Custom Decision, Custom Search & Labs


Now Build 2017 event, Microsoft Event for developers is being held in Seattle on May 10-12 2017. You can view Keynote and other contents at Channel9 (on-live, or on-demand).

At Day1 Keynote, Cognitive Services' new APIs are announced and available as below!


Information site for Cognitive Services Website ( is integrated to Azure Website, and you can check direct from here;


New APIs

Custom Vision Service

As I've got many feedback from users of Computer Vision API, this service can define photo with your custom tags. You don't have to build image identifier ML, just upload images with tagging them.

[Check&Try]  Go Custom Vision Service Website and click [Try Custom Vision Service]. Or direct access from

[Document] Custom Vision Service Overview

[How-to]  Check my post on Jun 16: Cognitive Services: Deploy your own image recognizer with Custom Vision をご覧ください。


Video Indexer

This service analyzes videos; recognizes/identifies faces, creates subtitles from speeches (including translation), detects keyword and emotion. You can publish contents with those analyzed results.

[Check&Try]  Video Indexer  Website and click [Try Video Indexer]. Or direct access from

[Document] Video Indexer Overview bluesky_20170511_03 bluesky_20170511_04


Custom Decision Service

This service provides recommendation engine using reinforced learning, tprovides API access. This can apply to personalized & dynamic contents assumed from user responses.

[Check&Try]  Custom Decision Service Website. Or direct accesss from

[Document]  Custom Decision Service Overview


This service provides customized web search, such as selected websites (include, exclude, always top)

[Check&Try]  Bing Custom Search Website. Or direct access from

[Document]  Bing Custom Search Overview



Cognitive Services Labs

This is category of several "Project" on development, such as Project Prague which analyzes gestures (hand move), and route finder Project Johannessburg.

[Check&Try]  Cognitive Services Labs