Team Foundation Service White Paper

While the Team Foundation Service (previously known as TFS Azure) is still in preview mode that doesn’t mean that guidance and best practices should not be addressed. I’ve created quite a few blog posts on the features and capabilities that the TFService provides as well as some components that are not fully “baked.” Of course putting some formalization around this type of thinking is certainly not for the faint of heart which is why the ALM Rangers have produced the “Team Foundation Service Preview - Practical experience from the ALM Rangers” white paper. It’s a 28 page document which does a fantastic job in outlining the service with “Good, Bad and Ugly” categories that relay the typical concerns a customer might have when thinking about implementing the TFService.

Having personally met and spoken to a few of the authors I can whole-heartedly say that they know Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and can easily see their contributions to such a document. Two of them are Application Development Managers on the Premier Support for Developers (PSfD) team and indeed have a wealth of knowledge not only about ALM but also extensive experience concerning enterprise development.

That being said, read the formal announcement and download the white paper as this is one white paper that is not a waste of time reading.