Team Foundation Server Tools

A dump, of various tools, thanks to Zeeshan Shah. Note: this is not an endorsed list.


Team Foundation Server Administration Tool

Project Server Connector

Team Foundation Power Tool v1.2 (Feb 2007)

TFS Installation Utility (Unsupported)

TFS PowerPack

TFS Version Detection/Trial Extender | Info

Team Foundation Sidekicks (History, Status, Workspace, Labels)

AreaPath Manager Utility

TFS Permission Manager | Reference

Events and Notifications

TFS Event Subscriber UI

TFS Event Subscription Tool

Policy Override Notification Tool

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Status Monitor/Update Tray Application

Data Warehouse Status Update Tool

Data Warehouse Status Update Tool (with Authentication)


Team Build/MSBuild

CruiseControl.NET (for TFS)

Continuous Integration Sample (Microsoft)

Continuous Integration Tool (Team System Rocks)

Continuous Integration Engine (Automaton)

Continuous Integration (Devx)

TFS Integrator (Readify)

Team Build Samples

MSBuild Sidekick

Team Build Sidekick

MSBuild Community Task Collaboration Project

MSBuild Extras - Toolkit for .NET 1.1 MSBEE

MSBuild Tasks -

NAnt Equivalent Tasks


Microsoft Services (UK) Enterprise Solutions Build Framework

Reporting Services Deployment Task

Team Build status via LCD-TV

MSBuild GUI (Sample using WPF)

Team Build Ticker (system tray tool)

Team Build Web View

Team Build RSS Feed

Version Control

TFVC Migration tools (GNU RCS,CS-RCS,GNU CVS,Subversion,VSS ($)

TFSLinks - Sharing in TFVC ($)

VSSConverter GUI

TFS File Sync Service

Version Control (Clients)

Visual Studio .NET 2003 (MSSCCI)

Visual C++ 6 SP6 (MSSCCI)

Visual Visual Basic 6 SP6 (MSSCCI)

Visual FoxPro 9 SP1 (MSSCCI)

Microsoft Access 2003 SP2 (MSSCCI)

SQL Server Management Studio (MSSCCI)

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 6.0 (MSSCCI)

Sybase PowerBuilder 10.5 (MSSCCI)

Toad for SQL Server 2.0 (MSSCCI) | Toad?

SourceConneXion (MSSCCI for Borland IDEs) ($)


Teamprise Mac/Unix/Eclipse ($)

TeamPlain Web Access for Team System ($)

TeamPlain VS2003 Plugin for Team System ($)

TeamPlain Eclipse Plugin for Team System ($)

Microsoft's Team Explorer

TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser

Turtle (version control GUI)

FoundationTree - VS Diagramming Add-In ($)

TFS Follow Branch History

Microsoft Source Server Plug-In

Merge and Compare Tools


Araxis Merge ($)

Beyond Compare ($)


Guiffy ($)

Compare It! ($)

ExamDiff Pro ($) | Notes

ElliƩ Computing Merge ($) | Notes

Perforce Visual Merge Tool: P4Merge

Altova DiffDog (XML diff/merge) ($)

How-To Blog Entry

Version Control (Check-In Policies)

Time that Task Check-In Policy

Must have comments Check-In Policy

Custom Path CheckIn Policy

Work Items


Team System Posters

TFS Installation Guide (Feb 2007)

TFS Administration Guide (Nov 2006)