CSC Uses Windows Azure Platform to Offer Managed Hosted Software as a Service

image Hong Choing has written an article that details how CSC, a global leader in  providing technology-enabled solutions and services, is leveraging Windows Azure to provide their Legal Solutions Suite® Software as a Service.

Legal Solutions Suite creates a collaborative electronic workspace for budgeting, planning and legal strategy. Developed by legal professionals, Legal Solutions Suite helps organizations create a highly efficient, end-to-end legal management process

Brian Boruff, VP of Cloud Computing Services at CSC, was interviewed at PDC09 about CSC’s cloud initiatives.


CSC’s Legal Solution Suite is listed in the Microsoft PinPoint marketplace.


More more information:

  1. Global Systems Integrator Whitepaper (Windows Azure SI White paper.pdf)
  2. Brian Boruff interview with the Economist on Cloud Computing. (Take me there)

Why Windows Azure Platform?

  • CSC believes that moving to Windows Azure will give it a significant competitive advantage with its Legal Solutions Services product.
  • Local applications now behave more like job schedulers, handing off compute-intensive tasks to cloud-based worker services hosted on the virtual machines in the Windows Azure platform and brought online and offline as needed.

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