Create an Azure Analysis Services server in Azure portal

This article walks you through creating an Analysis Services server resource in your Azure subscription.

Before you begin

To complete this quickstart, you need:

  • Azure subscription: Visit Azure Free Trial to create an account.
  • Azure Active Directory: Your subscription must be associated with an Azure Active Directory tenant. And, you need to be signed in to Azure with an account in that Azure Active Directory. Microsoft accounts are not supported. To learn more, see Authentication and user permissions.
  • Resource group: Use a resource group you already have or create a new one.


Creating a server might result in a new billable service. To learn more, see Analysis Services pricing.

To create a server in Azure portal

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Click + New > Data + analytics > Analysis Services.
  3. In the Analysis Services blade, fill in the required fields, and then press Create.

    Create server

    • Server name: Type a unique name used to reference the server.
    • Subscription: Select the subscription this server bills to.
    • Resource group: These containers are designed to help you manage a collection of Azure resources. To learn more, see resource groups.
    • Location: This Azure datacenter location hosts the server. Choose a location nearest your largest user base.
    • Pricing tier: Select a pricing tier. Tabular models up to 400 GB are supported. To learn more, see Azure Analysis Services pricing.
  4. Click Create.

Create usually takes under a minute; often just a few seconds. If you selected Add to Portal, navigate to your portal to see your new server. Or, navigate to All services > Analysis Services to see if your server is ready.


Next steps

Once you've created your server, you can deploy a model to it by using SSDT or with SSMS.

If a model you deploy to your server connects to on-premises data sources, you need to install an On-premises data gateway on a computer in your network.