Speech Service and SDK (Preview)

Via our Speech SDK, the Speech Service helps developers add speech-enabled features to their apps. Features include: speech-to-text (speech recognition/SR), intent, translation, and text-to-speech (TTS).

5-minute SDK download and quickstart

Learn how to download, install, and use by clicking on the desired arrow link below.

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Windows 10 (x64)
Windows 10 (x86)
Linux (x64)
Linux (x86)
Android (ARM32/ARM64)
Devices SDK (ARM64)

Speech SDK samples and reference

Use the samples and API above with your subscription key (see Try the speech service for free).

Customizing speech with your own data

Our Speech Service also lets you customize models to accommodate specialized vocabulary, noisy environments, and different ways of speaking.
 • Customized speech-to-text
 • Customized speech-translation
 • Customized text-to-speech

Speech enabled HW reference design

For those wishing to build new speech-enabled device HW, see our reference device at Speech Devices SDK.