Overview of Event Hubs Dedicated

Event Hubs Dedicated capacity offers single-tenant deployments for customers with the most demanding requirements. At full scale, Azure Event Hubs can ingress over 2 million events per second or up to 2 GB per second of telemetry with fully durable storage and sub-second latency. This also enables integrated solutions by processing real-time and batch on the same system. With Event Hubs Capture included in the offering, you can reduce the complexity of your solution by having a single stream support both real-time and batch-based pipelines.

The following table compares the available service tiers of Event Hubs. The Event Hubs Dedicated offering is a fixed monthly price, compared to usage pricing for most features of Standard. The Dedicated tier offers all the features of the Standard plan, but with enterprise scale capacity for customers with demanding workloads.

Feature Standard Dedicated
Ingress events Pay per million events Included
Throughput unit (1 MB/sec ingress, 2 MB/sec egress) Pay per hour Included
Message Size 1 MB 1 MB
Publisher policies Yes Yes
Consumer groups 20 20
Message replay Yes Yes
Maximum throughput units 20 (flexible to 100) 1 Capacity Unit (CU) ≈ 50
Brokered connections 1,000 included 100 K included
Additional Brokered connections Yes Yes
Message Retention 1 day included Up to 7 days included
Capture Pay per hour Included

Benefits of Event Hubs Dedicated capacity

The following benefits are available when using Event Hubs Dedicated:

  • Single tenant hosting with no noise from other tenants.
  • Repeatable performance every time.
  • Guaranteed capacity to meet your burst needs.
  • Includes the Capture feature of Event Hubs, to provide integration with micro-batch and long-term retention.
  • Zero maintenance: The service manages load balancing, OS updates, security patches, and partitioning.
  • Fixed hourly pricing.
  • Message retention up to 7 days with no extra charge.

Event Hubs Dedicated also removes some of the throughput limitations of the Standard offering. Throughput units in the Standard tier entitle you to 1000 events per second or 1 MB per second of ingress per TU and double that amount of egress. The Dedicated scale offering has no restrictions on ingress and egress event counts. These limits are governed only by the processing capacity of the purchased event hubs.

This reserved, dedicated environment provides other capabilities unique to this tier, such as:

  • Controls the number of namespaces in your cluster.
  • Specifies throughput limits on each of your namespaces.
  • Configures the number of event hubs under each namespace.
  • Determines the limit on the number of partitions.

This service is targeted at the largest telemetry users, and is available to customers with an enterprise agreement.

How to onboard

You can scale your capacity up or down throughout the month to meet your needs by adding or removing CUs. The Dedicated plan is unique in that you will experience a more hands-on onboarding from the Event Hubs product team to get the flexible deployment that is right for you. To onboard to this SKU, contact billing support or your Microsoft representative.

Next steps

Contact your Microsoft sales representative or Microsoft Support to get additional details about Event Hubs Dedicated Capacity. You can also learn more about Event Hubs pricing tiers by visiting the following links:

  • Event Hubs Dedicated pricing. You can also contact your Microsoft sales representative or Microsoft Support to get additional details about Event Hubs Dedicated capacity.
  • The Event Hubs FAQ contains pricing information and answers some frequently asked questions about Event Hubs.