Azure Event Hubs quotas and limits

This section lists basic quotas and limits in Azure Event Hubs.

The following tables provide quotas and limits specific to Azure Event Hubs. For information about Event Hubs pricing, see Event Hubs pricing.

The following limits are common across basic and standard tiers.

Limit Scope Notes Value
Number of Event Hubs namespaces per subscription Subscription - 100
Number of event hubs per namespace Namespace Subsequent requests for creation of a new event hub are rejected. 10
Number of partitions per event hub Entity - 32
Maximum size of an event hub name Entity - 256 characters
Maximum size of a consumer group name Entity - 256 characters
Number of non-epoch receivers per consumer group Entity - 5
Maximum throughput units Namespace Exceeding the throughput unit limit causes your data to be throttled and generates a server busy exception. To request a larger number of throughput units for a Standard tier, file a support request. Additional throughput units are available in blocks of 20 on a committed purchase basis. 20
Number of authorization rules per namespace Namespace Subsequent requests for authorization rule creation are rejected. 12
Number of calls to the GetRuntimeInformation method Entity - 50 per second
Number of virtual network (VNet) and IP Config rules Entity - 128

Event Hubs Basic and Standard - quotas and limits

Limit Scope Notes Basic Standard
Maximum size of Event Hubs event Entity   256 KB 1 MB
Number of consumer groups per event hub Entity   1 20
Number of AMQP connections per namespace Namespace Subsequent requests for additional connections are rejected, and an exception is received by the calling code. 100 5,000
Maximum retention period of event data Entity   1 day 1-7 days
Apache Kafka enabled namespace Namespace Event Hubs namespace streams applications using Kafka protocol No Yes
Capture Entity When enabled, micro-batches on the same stream No Yes

Event Hubs Dedicated - quotas and limits

The Event Hubs Dedicated offering is billed at a fixed monthly price, with a minimum of 4 hours of usage. The Dedicated tier offers all the features of the Standard plan, but with enterprise scale capacity and limits for customers with demanding workloads.

Feature Limits
Bandwidth 20 CUs
Namespaces 50 per CU
Event Hubs 1000 per namespace
Ingress events Included
Message Size 1 MB
Partitions 2000 per CU
Consumer groups No limit per CU, 1000 per event hub
Brokered connections 100 K included
Message Retention 90 days, 10 TB included per CU
Capture Included

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