Monitoring metrics and logs in Azure Front Door Service

By using Azure Front Door Service, you can monitor resources in the following ways:

  • Metrics. Azure Front Door currently has seven metrics to view performance counters.
  • Logs. Activity and diagnostic logs allow performance, access, and other data to be saved or consumed from a resource for monitoring purposes.


Metrics are a feature for certain Azure resources that allow you to view performance counters in the portal. The following are available Front Door metrics:

Metric Metric Display Name Unit Dimensions Description
RequestCount Request Count Count HttpStatus
The number of client requests served by Front Door.
RequestSize Request Size Bytes HttpStatus
The number of bytes sent as requests from clients to Front Door.
ResponseSize Response Size Bytes HttpStatus
The number of bytes sent as responses from Front Door to clients.
TotalLatency Total Latency Milliseconds HttpStatus
The time calculated from the client request received by Front Door until the client acknowledged the last response byte from Front Door.
BackendRequestCount Backend Request Count Count HttpStatus
The number of requests sent from Front Door to backends.
BackendRequestLatency Backend Request Latency Milliseconds Backend The time calculated from when the request was sent by Front Door to the backend until Front Door received the last response byte from the backend.
BackendHealthPercentage Backend Health Percentage Percent Backend
The percentage of successful health probes from Front Door to backends.
WebApplicationFirewallRequestCount Web Application Firewall Request Count Count PolicyName
The number of client requests processed by the application layer security of Front Door.

Activity logs

Activity logs provide information about the operations done on Front Door Service. They also determine the what, who, and when for any write operations (put, post, or delete) taken on Front Door Service.


Activity logs don't include read (get) operations. They also don't include operations that you perform by using either the Azure portal or the original Management API.

Access activity logs in your Front Door Service or all the logs of your Azure resources in Azure Monitor. To view activity logs:

  1. Select your Front Door instance.

  2. Select Activity log.

    Activity log

  3. Choose a filtering scope, and then select Apply.

Diagnostic logs

Diagnostic logs provide rich information about operations and errors that are important for auditing and troubleshooting. Diagnostic logs differ from activity logs.

Activity logs provide insights into the operations done on Azure resources. Diagnostic logs provide insight into operations that your resource performed. For more information, see Azure Monitor diagnostic logs.

Diagnostic logs

To configure diagnostic logs for your Front Door Service:

  1. Select your Azure Front Door service.

  2. Choose Diagnostic settings.

  3. Select Turn on diagnostics. Archive diagnostic logs along with metrics to a storage account, stream them to an event hub, or send them to Azure Monitor logs.

Front Door Service currently provides diagnostic logs (batched hourly). Diagnostic logs provide individual API requests with each entry having the following schema:

Property Description
ClientIp The IP address of the client that made the request.
ClientPort The IP port of the client that made the request.
HttpMethod HTTP method used by the request.
HttpStatusCode The HTTP status code returned from the proxy.
HttpStatusDetails Resulting status on the request. Meaning of this string value can be found at a Status reference table.
HttpVersion Type of the request or connection.
RequestBytes The size of the HTTP request message in bytes, including the request headers and the request body.
RequestUri URI of the received request.
ResponseBytes Bytes sent by the backend server as the response.
RoutingRuleName The name of the routing rule that the request matched.
SecurityProtocol The TLS/SSL protocol version used by the request or null if no encryption.
TimeTaken The length of time that the action took, in milliseconds.
UserAgent The browser type that the client used
TrackingReference The unique reference string that identifies a request served by Front Door, also sent as X-Azure-Ref header to the client. Required for searching details in the access logs for a specific request.

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