Monitoring and reporting in Azure

Azure offers many services that together provide a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from your applications and the Azure resources that support them. In addition, these services can extend to monitoring critical on-premises resources to provide a hybrid monitoring environment.

Azure Monitor provides a single unified hub for all monitoring and diagnostics data in Azure. Use it to get visibility across your resources, find and fix problems, optimize performance, and understand customer behavior.

  • Monitor and visualize metrics: Metrics are numerical values available from Azure Resources that help you understand the health of your systems. Customize charts for your dashboards and use workbooks for reporting.

  • Query and analyze logs: Logs include activity logs and diagnostic logs from Azure. Collect additional logs from other monitoring and management solutions for your cloud or on-premises resources. Use Log Analytics as the central repository to aggregate all this data. From there, you can run queries to help troubleshoot issues or to visualize data.

  • Set up alerts and actions: Alerts proactively notify you of critical conditions. Corrective actions can be taken based on triggers from metrics, logs, or service health issues. You can set up different notifications and actions, and send data to your IT service management tools.

Start monitoring your:

To monitor other resources, find additional solutions in the Azure Marketplace.

To explore Azure Monitor, go to the Azure Portal.

Learn more

To learn more, see Azure Monitor documentation.