What's coming in Azure RemoteApp


Azure RemoteApp is being discontinued on August 31, 2017. Read the announcement for details.

All preview and roadmap items have been Canceled and ended due to the announced retirement of Azure RemoteApp.

Feature Status
Azure Remote App available in both the Azure classic portal and Azure portal - Private preview Canceled
Ability to publish individual applications to specific users - Private preview (feedback) Canceled
Windows client redistributable MSI package (feedback) - Private preview Canceled
Azure Resource Manager (ARM) support Canceled
Azure v2 resource support Canceled
Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Canceled
Availability in India region Canceled
Availability in UK region Canceled

Other improvements added earlier this year:

  • HTML5-based client for Azure RemoteApp
  • Windows 10 Universal Application with Continuum for Azure RemoteApp - Preview
  • Deploy to a VNET without joining a domain (cloud collection connection to the Azure VMs)
  • Re-use an existing virtual network for RemoteApp hybrid collection (also enables ExpressRoute)
  • ExpressRoute
  • RemoteApp PowerShell cmdlets and SDK for deployment and management
  • Create and upload an image from an Azure VM
  • Upload line-of-business (LOB) applications to a cloud collection, as well as in a hybrid collection
  • Support for Windows Phone
  • Usage metrics dashboard
  • Provision a large number of users by using a CSV file
  • Availability in Australian data centers