Configure customer-managed keys for Azure Storage encryption from the Azure portal

Azure Storage supports encryption at rest with either Microsoft-managed keys or customer-managed keys. Customer-managed keys enable you to create, rotate, disable, and revoke access controls.

Use Azure Key Vault to manage your keys and audit your key usage. You can either create your own keys and store them in a key vault, or you can use the Azure Key Vault APIs to generate keys. The storage account and the key vault must be in the same region, but they can be in different subscriptions. For more information about Azure Key Vault, see What is Azure Key Vault?

This article shows how to configure a key vault with customer-managed keys using the Azure portal. To learn how to create a key vault using the Azure portal, see Quickstart: Set and retrieve a secret from Azure Key Vault using the Azure portal.


Using customer-managed keys with Azure Storage encryption requires that the key vault have two required properties configured, Soft Delete and Do Not Purge. These properties are enabled by default when you create a new key vault in the Azure portal. However, if you need to enable these properties on an existing key vault, you must use either PowerShell or Azure CLI.

Enable customer-managed keys

To enable customer-managed keys in the Azure portal, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your storage account.

  2. On the Settings blade for the storage account, click Encryption. Select the Use your own key option, as shown in the following figure.

    Portal screenshot showing encryption option

Specify a key

After you enable customer-managed keys, you'll have the opportunity to specify a key to associate with the storage account.

Specify a key as a URI

To specify a key as a URI, follow these steps:

  1. To locate the key URI in the Azure portal, navigate to your key vault, and select the Keys setting. Select the desired key, then click the key to view its settings. Copy the value of the Key Identifier field, which provides the URI.

    Screenshot showing key vault key URI

  2. In the Encryption settings for your storage account, choose the Enter key URI option.

  3. In the Key URI field, specify the URI.

    Screenshot showing how to enter key URI

Specify a key from a key vault

To specify a key from a key vault, first make sure that you have a key vault that contains a key. To specify a key from a key vault, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Select from Key Vault option.

  2. Choose the key vault containing the key you want to use.

  3. Choose the key from the key vault.

    Screenshot showing customer-managed key option

Update the key version

When you create a new version of a key, you'll need to update the storage account to use the new version. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your storage account and display the Encryption settings.
  2. Specify the URI for the new key version. Alternately, you can select the key vault and the key again to update the version.

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