Applies to: Microsoft Cloud App Security

Working with the dashboard

After you get Microsoft Cloud App Security up and running, you will need to configure data streams, sanction apps you want to allow people to use, and set up policies to monitor your cloud environment. You can then use Cloud App Security to control and protect your cloud and manage risk.

This topic describes what you should do With Cloud App Security on a daily basis.

Check the dashboard

The Cloud App Security dashboard provides you with an overview of activities and features, including:

  • Open alerts
  • Activity violations
  • Content violations
  • An activity map that plots where user activity originates
  • Connected app usage trends in your cloud environment
  • Top users by threat detection

We recommend that you check the dashboard daily to see what new alerts have been triggered. It is also a good place to keep an eye on the health of your cloud environment to get a sense of what's happening across your cloud environment.

Cloud App Security dashboard

Next steps

For more information about investigating alerts, see Investigate.

Premier customers can also choose Cloud App Security directly from the Premier Portal.