AllColorableItemInfo AllColorableItemInfo AllColorableItemInfo AllColorableItemInfo AllColorableItemInfo Struct


Use to specify all the attributes of Display Items to the Visual Studio environment.

public value class AllColorableItemInfo
struct AllColorableItemInfo
public struct AllColorableItemInfo
type AllColorableItemInfo = struct
Public Structure AllColorableItemInfo


Stored information returned in a AllColorableItemInfo structure may beinvalid because the IDE (integrated development environment) does not always store settings unmodified by an end-user's use of the Font and Color property page in the registry.

An instance of the AllColorableItemInfo structure can contain any of the color representations enumerated in __VSCOLORTYPE.

Use the member methods of the IVsFontAndColorUtilities class to examine and manipulate color and font information in an instance of AllColorableItemInfo.


bAutoBackgroundValid bAutoBackgroundValid bAutoBackgroundValid bAutoBackgroundValid bAutoBackgroundValid

Indicates whether crAutoBackground contains a valid color value.

bAutoForegroundValid bAutoForegroundValid bAutoForegroundValid bAutoForegroundValid bAutoForegroundValid

Indicates whether crAutoForeground contains a valid color value.

bDescriptionValid bDescriptionValid bDescriptionValid bDescriptionValid bDescriptionValid

Indicates the bstrDescription contains a valid description string

bFlagsValid bFlagsValid bFlagsValid bFlagsValid bFlagsValid

Indicates whether fFlags contains valid font flags from __FCITEMFLAGS.

bLineStyleValid bLineStyleValid bLineStyleValid bLineStyleValid bLineStyleValid

Indicates whether eLineStyle contains a valid line style.

bLocalizedNameValid bLocalizedNameValid bLocalizedNameValid bLocalizedNameValid bLocalizedNameValid

Indicates whether bstrLocalizedName contains a valid localized name string.

bMarkerVisualStyleValid bMarkerVisualStyleValid bMarkerVisualStyleValid bMarkerVisualStyleValid bMarkerVisualStyleValid

Indicates whether dwMarkerVisualStyle contains a valid marker style.

bNameValid bNameValid bNameValid bNameValid bNameValid

Indicates whether bstrName contains a valid (non-localized) name string.

bstrDescription bstrDescription bstrDescription bstrDescription bstrDescription

String that contains a brief description of the item displayed as a ToolTip. (This feature is currently disabled).

bstrLocalizedName bstrLocalizedName bstrLocalizedName bstrLocalizedName bstrLocalizedName

String that contains the localized name of the item displayed to the user.

bstrName bstrName bstrName bstrName bstrName

String that contains the non-localized name of the item used internally by the VSPackage to compare and merge.

crAutoBackground crAutoBackground crAutoBackground crAutoBackground crAutoBackground

Specifies the automatic background color for an item.

crAutoForeground crAutoForeground crAutoForeground crAutoForeground crAutoForeground

Specifies the automatic foreground color for an item.

dwMarkerVisualStyle dwMarkerVisualStyle dwMarkerVisualStyle dwMarkerVisualStyle dwMarkerVisualStyle

Specifies the visual style of the marker

eLineStyle eLineStyle eLineStyle eLineStyle eLineStyle

Specifies the line style for marker items.

fFlags fFlags fFlags fFlags fFlags

Specifies attributes of an item.

Info Info Info Info Info

Specifies the foreground color, background color, and font flags from the ColorableItemInfo structure.

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