IVsCodeWindowManager IVsCodeWindowManager IVsCodeWindowManager Interface


Allows adornments, such as drop-down bars, to be added to or removed from a code window.

public interface IVsCodeWindowManager
type IVsCodeWindowManager = interface
Public Interface IVsCodeWindowManager


To get the code window manager attached to an instance of the IVsCodeWindow interface, call QueryService for SVsCodeWindowManager service and the interface you want on it. It is not appropriate for any external entity, other than the code window itself, to call IVsCodeWindowManager methods, but using this approach, you can expose private interfaces that may be useful to other parties on the code window manager.

Notes to Callers

A code window calls this interface through the environment using the service SVsCodeWindowManager when adding or removing adornments.

See illustrations of the implementation and/or calling of this interface in the sample Figures Language Service.

This is a convenient place for the following operations:


AddAdornments() AddAdornments() AddAdornments()

Adds adornments, such as drop-down bars, to a code window.

OnNewView(IVsTextView) OnNewView(IVsTextView) OnNewView(IVsTextView)

Called by the core editor to notify a language that a new view was created.

RemoveAdornments() RemoveAdornments() RemoveAdornments()

Removes adornments, such as drop-down bars, from a code window.

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