RemoteArgumentKind Enum


Specifies the kind of argument that a RemoteArgument represents.

public enum class RemoteArgumentKind
public enum RemoteArgumentKind
type RemoteArgumentKind = 
Public Enum RemoteArgumentKind


Contract 3

The RemoteArgument represents an IContract.

Intrinsic 1

The RemoteArgument represents an intrinsic data type.

IntrinsicArray 2

The RemoteArgument represents an Array that contains elements of an intrinsic data type.

Missing 0

The RemoteArgument represents the Missing value. This is the default value for the RemoteArgumentKind property.


The RemoteArgumentKind enumeration is used by the RemoteArgument.RemoteArgumentKind property.

An intrinsic data type is a primitive data type (that is, the Type.IsPrimitive property of the type is true) or a String, Decimal, DateTime, or DBNull.

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