CookieHandlerElement.CustomCookieHandler Property


Gets or sets a custom cookie handler type. This property must be set when a custom cookie handler is being configured.

 property System::IdentityModel::Configuration::CustomTypeElement ^ CustomCookieHandler { System::IdentityModel::Configuration::CustomTypeElement ^ get(); void set(System::IdentityModel::Configuration::CustomTypeElement ^ value); };
[System.Configuration.ConfigurationProperty("customCookieHandler", IsRequired=false)]
public System.IdentityModel.Configuration.CustomTypeElement CustomCookieHandler { get; set; }
[<System.Configuration.ConfigurationProperty("customCookieHandler", IsRequired=false)>]
member this.CustomCookieHandler : System.IdentityModel.Configuration.CustomTypeElement with get, set
Public Property CustomCookieHandler As CustomTypeElement

Property Value


A CustomTypeElement that defines the custom cookie handler type.



This property is equivalent to the <customCookieHandler> child element of the <cookieHandler> element. It specifies a custom cookie handler type to use. If this property is set, the Mode property must be set to Custom. The custom type specified by this property must be derived from the CookieHandler class.

Either the ChunkedCookieHandler property or the CustomCookieHandler property may be set, but not both.

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