Message.ResponseQueue Property


Gets or sets the queue that receives application-generated response messages.

 property System::Messaging::MessageQueue ^ ResponseQueue { System::Messaging::MessageQueue ^ get(); void set(System::Messaging::MessageQueue ^ value); };
public System.Messaging.MessageQueue ResponseQueue { get; set; }
member this.ResponseQueue : System.Messaging.MessageQueue with get, set
Public Property ResponseQueue As MessageQueue

Property Value


The MessageQueue to which application-generated response messages are returned. The default is null.



The message queue is filtered to ignore the ResponseQueue property.


The following code example gets and sets the value of a message's ResponseQueue property.


The ResponseQueue property identifies the queue that receives application-generated response messages, which the receiving application returns to the sending application. The sending application specifies response queues when the application sends its messages. Any available queue can be specified as a response queue.

Messages returned to the response queue are application-specific. The application must define the contents of the messages as well as the action to take upon receipt of a message.

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