Message.TransactionStatusQueue Property


Gets the transaction status queue on the source computer.

 property System::Messaging::MessageQueue ^ TransactionStatusQueue { System::Messaging::MessageQueue ^ get(); void set(System::Messaging::MessageQueue ^ value); };
public System.Messaging.MessageQueue TransactionStatusQueue { get; set; }
member this.TransactionStatusQueue : System.Messaging.MessageQueue with get, set
Public Property TransactionStatusQueue As MessageQueue

Property Value


The transaction status queue on the source computer, which is used for sending acknowledgement messages back to the sending application. The default is null.



The message has not been sent. This property can only be read on messages retrieved from a queue.


The message queue is filtered to ignore the TransactionStatusQueue property.


The following code example displays the value of a message's TransactionStatusQueue property.


The TransactionStatusQueue property identifies the transactional queue on the source computer that receives read-receipt acknowledgments from connector applications. Message Queuing sets the property, and connector applications use the property when retrieving transactional messages sent to foreign queues.

A foreign queue exists in a queuing system other than Microsoft Message Queuing. Message Queuing communicates with such queues through a connector application.

The connector application can use the transaction status queue to send acknowledgment messages back to the sending application. The transaction status queue should receive these acknowledgments even if the sending application does not request other acknowledgments.

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