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JsonNumberHandling Enum


Determines how JsonSerializer handles numbers when serializing and deserializing.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class JsonNumberHandling
public enum JsonNumberHandling
type JsonNumberHandling = 
Public Enum JsonNumberHandling


AllowNamedFloatingPointLiterals 4

The "NaN", "Infinity", and "-Infinity" String tokens can be read as floating-point constants, and the Single and Double values for these constants will be written as their corresponding JSON string representations.

AllowReadingFromString 1

Numbers can be read from String tokens. Does not prevent numbers from being read from Number token.

Strict 0

Numbers will only be read from Number tokens and will only be written as JSON numbers (without quotes).

WriteAsString 2

Numbers will be written as JSON strings (with quotes), not as JSON numbers.


The behavior of WriteAsString and AllowNamedFloatingPointLiterals is not defined by the JSON specification. Altering the default number handling can potentially produce JSON that cannot be parsed by other JSON implementations.

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