InkCanvas.DefaultStylusPointDescription Property


Gets or sets the stylus point description for an InkCanvas.

 property System::Windows::Input::StylusPointDescription ^ DefaultStylusPointDescription { System::Windows::Input::StylusPointDescription ^ get(); void set(System::Windows::Input::StylusPointDescription ^ value); };
public System.Windows.Input.StylusPointDescription DefaultStylusPointDescription { get; set; }
member this.DefaultStylusPointDescription : System.Windows.Input.StylusPointDescription with get, set
Public Property DefaultStylusPointDescription As StylusPointDescription

Property Value


The stylus point description for an InkCanvas.


The following example sets the DefaultStylusPointDescription so that the stylus points of the strokes on the InkCanvas contain the X, Y, NormalPressure, and TipButton properties.


Only the strokes that are added to the InkCanvas after the DefaultStylusPointDescription is set to contain the additional property.

inkCanvas1.DefaultStylusPointDescription = new StylusPointDescription(
    new StylusPointPropertyInfo[] {
        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.X),
        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.Y),
        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.NormalPressure),
        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.TipButton)});
inkCanvas1.DefaultStylusPointDescription = New StylusPointDescription _
        (New StylusPointPropertyInfo() _
        {New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.X), _
         New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.Y), _
         New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.NormalPressure), _
         New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.TipButton)})


By default, the InkCanvas stores only the X, Y, and NormalPressure properties for each StylusPoint belonging to a stroke. You can use the DefaultStylusPointDescription property to store additional information about points comprising the strokes on a InkCanvas. Setting this property will affect only new strokes that are made after the property is set.

XAML Text Usage

You cannot use this property in XAML.

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