C# Quick starts

Welcome to the C# Quick starts. These start with interactive lessons that you can run in your browser.

The first lessons explain C# concepts using small snippets of code. You'll learn the basics of C# syntax and how to work with data types like strings, numbers, and booleans. It's all interactive, and you'll be writing code within minutes. These first lessons assume no prior knowledge of programming or the C# language.

Hello world

In the Hello world lesson, you'll create the most basic C#. You'll explore the string type and how to work with text.

Numbers in C#

In the Numbers in C# lesson, you'll learn how computers store numbers and how to perform calculations with different number types. You'll learn the basics of rounding, and how to perform mathematical calculations using C#.

This lesson assumes that you have finished the Hello world tutorial.

Branches and loops

The Branches and loops lesson teaches the basics of selecting different paths of code based on the values stored in variables. You'll learn the basics of control flow, which is the basics of how programs make decisions and choose different actions.

This beginning lesson assumes that you have finished the Hello World and Numbers in C# lessons.

List collection

The List collection lesson gives you a tour of the List collection type that stores sequences of data. You'll learn how to add and remove items, search for items, and remove items and sort the lists. You'll explore different kinds of lists.

This beginning lesson assumes that you have finished the quick starts listed above.

You can also try this lesson using the develoment environment on your machine.

Introduction to classes

This final quickstart runs on your machine, using your own local development environment and .NET Core. You'll build a console application and see the basic object-oriented features that are part of the C# language.

This lesson assumes you've finished the online quick starts, and you've installed .NET Core SDK and Visual Studio Code.