.NET Guide

The .NET Guide provides a large amount of information about .NET. Depending on your familiarity with .NET, you may wish to explore different sections of this guide and other sections of the .NET documentation.

New to .NET

If you want a high-level overview about .NET, check out What is .NET?.

If you're new to .NET, check out the Get Started article.

If you prefer to have a guided tour through major features of .NET, check out the Tour of .NET.

You can also read about .NET Architectural Components to get an overview of the various "pieces" of .NET and how they fit together.

New to .NET Core

If you're new to .NET Core, check out Get Started with .NET Core.

New to .NET Standard

If you're new to .NET Standard, check out .NET Standard.

Porting .NET Framework Code to .NET Core

If you're looking to port an application, service, or some component of a system to .NET Core, check out Porting to .NET Core from .NET Framework.

Porting a NuGet package from .NET Framework to .NET Standard or .NET Core

If you're looking to port a NuGet package to .NET Standard, check out Porting to .NET Core from .NET Framework. Tooling for .NET Standard and .NET Core are shared, so the content will be relevant for porting to .NET Standard as well as .NET Core.

Interested in Major .NET Concepts

If you're interested in some of the major concepts of .NET, check out:

Additionally, check out each language guide to learn about the three major .NET languages:

API Reference

Check out the .NET API Reference to see the breadth of APIs available.