Resources for Help and Support

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Help menu item (the question mark in the top right corner) gives you access to the Help & Support page, where you can find links to resources that can help you find answers to your questions. You can also see how you can contact technical support for your Business Central.

This page outlines the resources available to you in the different sections of the Help and Support page.

Finding Answers

The Find it section provides links to the most common places to find answers to your questions. The links fall into four categories and are explained in the following subsections. Some of the links can be configured by your Business Central partner, and as a result the behavior can be slightly different.

Product Help

The Find it section includes two links to product Help:

  • Help about the page you were just viewing in Business Central

    This link is automatically generated. If Business Central cannot find the relevant link, the landing page on for the default version of Business Central is shown. For example, this can happen if the page was part of an app that did not add context-sensitive Help mapping to Business Central.

  • Help landing page for Business Central

    The functionality in the default version of Business Central is described on the site. In addition to the default version, you can extend and customize Business Central with apps from AppSource. All apps provide links to the relevant product Help so that you can always find guidance for the different workflows in your version of Business Central.


In the Business Central Forum, you can submit a question and learn from other Business Central community members. Partners and Microsoft employees participate in the conversations.

If you are using a trial version of Business Central, and you do not yet have a partner, the Community can help you get unblocked if you have questions.


We talk about new capabilities on the Dynamics 365 Blog, including when they are made available, and if there are special considerations.

Capabilities Coming Soon

Business Central is updated with major feature updates every 6 months, and with monthly service updates. Choose the link to view the latest release plan. You can also get an overview of upcoming and recently released capabilities in the release plan across Dynamics 365 at

For the longer term overview, the Business Central roadmap page shows the general priorities for Business Central in the coming years.

Do More with Your Trial

This section gives you shortcuts to Microsoft AppSource where you can find solutions and services from Business Central partners. Use the links to explore the full capabilities of Business Central before you decide if you want to buy a subscription. You can also find a link to contact the sales team.


This section is only available in trial experiences. If you already bought Business Central, the section is not longer visible.

Give Feedback

On the Dynamics 365 Ideas site, you can provide suggestions for new feature and capabilities. Your input goes directly to Business Central’s engineering backlog for investigation and prioritization.

Make sure that you search through the list of submitted suggestions. Chances are that someone already submitted something similar, and that entry might have already received votes. Vote if an idea already has been submitted to get it prioritized on the engineering backlog.


The Troubleshooting section shows technical information that your administrator or Business Central partner can use to unblock users. This includes information about the latest error message, the current version of your Business Central, and a link to go to the Page Inspection page. For more information, see Inspecting Pages in Business Central.

Report a Problem

Your Business Central reselling partner will help you with technical support. Business Central is sold through partners, and this section makes it easy for you to contact your reselling partner if they have submitted their support contact details. If your Business Central partner then cannot resolve the problem, they will raise a support ticket with Microsoft.


This section is only available if you have paid for a Business Central subscription. If you have signed up for a trial and have not yet purchased Business Central, you do not have a reselling partner, and you cannot contact the Microsoft support team. You can find a Business Central partner on the I'm looking for a solution provider page. For more information, see How do I find a reselling partner?.

Support contacts

The Report a problem section displays an email address or a hyperlink for you to get in contact with the customer support person or team. If you are the Business Central reselling partner for a tenant, you can set up your preferred support contact details in the admin center. For more information, see Configuring the support experience in the ITpro content for Business Central.

To alert your partner to a problem, choose the link to either send an email or open their support site in a new browser tab. You can then add the technical information about your Azure Active Directory tenant from the Troubleshooting section and any other information that you find relevant.

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