Searching and Filtering FAQ

This article answers common questions you might have about searching and filtering.

Is there a difference between searching and filtering?


  • Search is simple and broad: it matches records that contain the search text across any visible fields on the page, and is case insensitive.
  • Filtering is highly flexible and can be applied to specific fields, including those not visible on the page: it displays records with exact, case-sensitive matches, but can be adjusted with powerful search symbols, tokens, and formulas. For more information on how to use these features, see Sorting, Searching, and Filtering in Lists.

Is there a keyboard experience for search and filter?

Search and filter have been highly optimized for users who prefer mouse-free interaction to work efficiently with their data. There are a variety of shortcut keys that can be used in sequence to work at high speed. For more information see Keyboard Shortcuts.

Is the filter pane available on all lists?

The filter pane is available on pages where the list is the primary content on the page, such as worksheets and list pages, including lists reachable from the navigation bar. The filter pane is not yet available for lists that are displayed as parts, such as FactBoxes or Role Center parts. When a list is embedded on a page, such as sales lines on a sales order, the filter pane is available when focusing on that list using the focus mode button. For more information, see Focusing on Line Items.

How can I save my filters?

Your filters and adjustments to predefined filters are remembered throughout the session (while you remain logged in), even if you navigate away from the page. It is currently not possible to permanently save filters. Unlike filters, search text is not remembered when you navigate away from a page.

Is this the same as Advanced Filters and Limit Totals in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Business Central builds upon these popular features and delivers a modern and highly usable experience for finding and analyzing your data. With more keyboard shortcuts and the introduction of search, Business Central surpasses the functionality provided in Dynamics NAV.

See also Is the filter pane available for filtering reports?.

Can I search and filter using the companion apps and Outlook AddIn?

On different display targets such as mobile devices or in Outlook, you can search in lists but cannot filter on individual fields in most cases.

Is the filter pane available for filtering reports?

No. The report filter dialog, commonly referred to as the request page, currently uses a different experience that provides some, but not all, of the capabilities of the filter pane.

Will Microsoft extend the filter pane experience?

At Microsoft, we're constantly listening to feedback from our diverse community of users and acting upon the top community suggestions. If you are interested in extending the filter pane to more form factors, more types of lists and reports, or have a great idea on how to improve it, add an idea or vote for existing ideas at

Can I do anything about the "Searching for rows is taking too long" message?

There is a time-limit on how a long a search operation can take. First, try changing the search criteria and search again. If you are using Business Central on-premises, contact your system administrator, because an administrator can increase the time-limit for searches.

As an on-premises administrator, you increase the time-limit on searches by changing the Search Timeout setting of Business Central server. For more information, see Configuring Business Central Server in the Business Central Developer and IT Pro Help.

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