Set up bookable resources (Field Service)

Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x

A resource in Dynamics 365 for Field Service is anything that needs to be scheduled. This can be users, crews, service centers, company assets (equipment), accounts, or contacts.

Create a bookable resource

  1. From the main menu, click Field Service > Administration, and then choose Bookable Resources.

  2. On the Active Bookable Resources screen, click New.

  3. Choose a Resource Type:

    • Account or Contact: Resources that aren't directly a part of your organization, but that you subcontract to.

    • User: The resource is a member of your organization.

    • Company Asset: Equipment.

    • Service Center: Where shop repairs are made.

    • Crew: Any collection of resources, for example, two or more workers, or a group.

  4. Choose a Time Zone.

  5. Type an Hour Rate. This is the hourly pay that the resource should be paid by the company.

  6. Choose the Start Location and the End Location to specify which location the resource will be at when starting and ending work.

  7. Choose if the resource should be displayed on the schedule board and schedule assistant.

  8. Set Enable Drip Scheduling to Yes or No. This controls how many schedules will appear on the mobile app. If drip scheduling is disabled, all schedules will appear, based on your mobile settings.

  9. Choose if time off needs to be approved or not.

  10. Click Save.

  11. In the Characteristics section, click +Add Bookable Resource Characteristics record to add characteristics. More information: Set up characteristics

Add work hours

  1. Once the resource has been created, at the top, click the arrow next to the resource name, and then click Work Hours.

  2. Click the Set-Up drop-down list and choose one of the following:

    • New Weekly Schedule: Set an ongoing weekly schedule for the resource.

    • Work Schedule for One Day: Set the hours the resource can be scheduled for on a particular day.

    • Time Off: Set the dates and times the resources can't work.

Add characteristics

  1. From the resource name submenu, click Bookable Resource Characteristics.

  2. Click Add New Bookable Resource Characteristics.

  3. Use the tooltips to help fill in information, and then click Save. More information: Set up characteristics

Add resource territories

  1. From the resource name submenu, click Resource Territories.

  2. Click Add New Resource Territory. More information: Set up territories

  3. Use the tooltips to help fill in your information, and then click Save & Close.

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