Get answers to frequently asked questions about Gamification

How does this work?

As a player, each week you earn points by performing activities based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) configured by your organization. The KPIs for each game appear at the bottom of the leaderboard. If you participate in a game that uses fantasy teams—a type of game where you form a fictional team based on available players—you also are a team manager and can draft your colleagues (other players) to be on your own fantasy team. Draft your team before the game begins, and track how your team is doing. You can make changes to your roster each week to optimize your team score.

If your game doesn't use fantasy teams, you participate in a type of game that uses fixed teams, where you don’t draft your own team.

Some games don’t use teams at all. This means your points and awards are based only on your individual performance.

Have fun using Dynamics 365 - Gamification. Best of luck!

What do I do first?

Well if you got here, you likely have already received your welcome email and have signed in. Have you uploaded a photo or selected an avatar and added information to your profile? The profile page is the place other players will visit to learn more about your game performance, your progress, and the awards you've won.

How often are the leaderboard and player stats updated?

Updates are either done automatically or manually by your commissioner or the game manager. Automatic updates occur frequently each day when your game is integrated with Dynamics 365 (online).

How can I see the prizes for a game?

On the leaderboard, click the different award tabs to see the different prizes available and your ranking. At the top of the leaderboard you’ll see a notification that the game is still in progress or that the game results are final. Until the game results are final, your position in the ranking only means you're in contention for a prize; you won't necessarily win the prize unless you remain in this position when the results are final.

Why do I have to set my time off?

If your game uses fantasy teams, other players need to know if you're going to be on a business trip, at a conference, or on vacation during a game period so they can make changes to their team roster. Every team manager who has you on their team, or planned to add you to their roster for the next game period, will receive a notification about your upcoming time off.

Team managers expect you to submit your time-off schedule early so they have time to make a trade. Time-off summaries will be sent on Friday and Sunday mornings to team managers who have you on their team or have put in a change to their team roster to add you for the next game period.

How do I complete my initial draft?

If your game uses fantasy teams, start the draft process and select an active game. You’ll then find a sports-themed page with several active positions. Choose one player from each of the available positions and submit your selection. You’re done! It’s that easy. You’ll notice that your name is locked—that’s because you must always play your own position.

How do I make changes to my team roster?

If you play traditional fantasy sports, you are probably used to trading with other players. However, in Dynamics 365 - Gamification, you make changes to your team roster by selecting a new player from any position. There's no point cost to make changes to your team roster. To level the playing field, we allow multiple teams to select the same players, other than for their own position.

You can make changes to your team roster at any time for the next game period, but the changes must be completed by midnight on Sunday UTC. The time zone is standardized so that players in different parts of the world will all have the same reference time for completing trades. For example, if you are in the Eastern Time zone, you must complete your trades four or five hours earlier (7 or 8 PM), depending on whether your time is Eastern standard time or Eastern daylight saving time.

Where can I see the KPIs?

KPIs appear at the bottom of the leaderboard. Some games specify points for each activity, and other games may use targets where you score points only when you hit a target.

Some KPIs are specific to certain user roles, in which case the KPI only applies to you if you're assigned to that role. The roles appear when you hover over the KPI name. Some KPIs are based on game quotas, and you will see your quota when you hover over the KPI. You'll get points in each game period based on your performance for that game period.

As a team manager, can I see all players who contribute to my team total score?

Yes. If your game uses fantasy teams, click Teams > Player Stats > Team Points. This will list your team rosters by game period with the points for each player.

Can I see who everyone else has active on their team?

Yes. Click Teams > Player Stats, and then select Team Points. This will show you all teams and their current rosters by player position.

My points are not correct for a specific period—what do I do?

You should talk to your game manager. They can review your point totals and make adjustments if appropriate.

My profile picture doesn't look good—how can I edit the photo?

Go to your profile page and click your profile photo. We recommend that you use a square image with 150 x 150 pixels.

What if I forget my password?

Go to your organization’s sign-in page for Dynamics 365 and request a new password.

Where can I get more information?

Check out the Gamification Help Center. Learn more about your role as a player and as a team manager, how scoring works, how to draft your team and change your team roster, and how to engage in game discussions.