Customer profiles

The Customers page presents a consolidated view of your customers, based on profile data gathered from all data sources. Customer profiles are available once you create the unified Customer entity. Make sure you complete the data unification process to get richer views of your customers. The page also lets you search for customers.

Customers can be individuals or organizations (preview). Each customer or organization profile is represented by a tile. Select a tile to see additional information on that specific customer or organization. Use the pagination controls at the bottom of the page to see additional records.

B2C customer profiles

Organizations (Preview)

B2B customer profiles


If you can't see the tiles when you select Customers in navigation, your administrator needs to define at least one searchable attribute on the Search & filter index.

Search for customers

Search for customers by entering a name or some other attribute in the search box. The search only works within the Customer Profile entity created during the data unification process.

As an admin, you can configure the searchable attributes using the Search & filter index page. For more information, see Manage search & filter index.

Filter customers

You can filter customers by the Customer Profile entity fields. Similar to search, your admin will first need to define the fields as filterable using the Search & filter index page.

  1. Select Filter on the top right corner of the Customers page.

  2. Check the boxes next to the attributes you want to filter customers by.

    Customer profiles

  3. Remove your filters by selecting Clear filters on the top right corner of the Customers screen.

Next steps

Add more data sources or create customer segments.