Keep your employees engaged and productive by using Gamification

Driving results is a key factor for a successful business. Dynamics 365 - Gamification helps you to keep your employees engaged and motivated to deliver their best performance.

Everyone can participate in contests, regardless of their role in the company. Participants can win awards, prizes, and bragging rights, which are helpful external motivators to drive their impact on business results. When you make teams, you create healthy competition among colleagues and foster team spirit.

To help create a vibrant and engaging environment for your contest, use up-to-date scores and numbers. You can do this by using the connection with Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (recommended) or with manual updates that use Excel, so everybody can see fresh data about how they are progressing in the game.

Gamification refers to the use of game mechanics and experience design to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. For more information about common terms used in Gamification, see the Gamification terminology.

How Gamification can help to keep your employees engaged

  • Gamification engages many different roles

    Think about how you measure the performance of your employees and the activities that drive that performance. Do you count the meetings they schedule, the time it took them to resolve a customer issue, how much revenue they generated, or something completely different?

    Sure, you can send around weekly email updates or fill scorecards with numbers. But why not make it more fun and exciting by turning some performance metrics into a game?

    Traditional game models reward top performers, who are already self-motivated. Gamification motivates everyone to achieve more. Gamification lets you build key performance indicators (KPIs) based on data for hundreds of possible metrics. You can set up the KPIs in a way that they drive behavior, activity, and results.

    You can let people participate in a contest even if their role isn't related to one of the game's KPIs. Add them as fans to a game and they can form their own team rosters.

  • Create awards that motivate everybody

    Gamification lets you set up multiple award categories to recognize achievement and improvement across a variety of KPIs or employee roles. It also offers tiered awards for individuals and teams to enable more players to receive recognition. Creating multiple ways to win keeps more participants engaged and excited throughout the entire contest.

  • Embrace a competitive spirit and camaraderie

    Gamification builds on fantasy sports, so of course players and fans get to pick fantasy teams. Don't worry if you've never played a game with fantasy teams before; no experience is required. Team management offers players and fans the chance to draft their colleagues in a simple and convenient way. Everyone is motivated to perform so they can keep their team in the gameā€”even if they are not a star performer.

  • Keep the competition alive and the scores up to date

    Multiple leaderboards encourage players to focus on all aspects of the game. Gamification uses points assigned to each KPI and earned by individual players and entire teams to determine weekly standings for players and teams, and standings for specific KPIs.

  • Increase motivation with leaderboards, badges, and awards

    Contests give people bragging rights and allow them to compete with colleagues in a friendly and open way. Fantasy teams and fixed-team games have proven to be more effective than individual contests. Players have profile pages with a summary of their awards, standings, and past performance, which other players can view to make decisions about who to put on their rosters. Gamification lets them share their successes and achievements with other participants on a smack talk board for each game.

    Leaderboards, badges, and awards are a great way to recognize achievements and help to drive the players' motivation to deliver their best results. Set up a TV for your office space to keep employees informed about the latest rankings.

  • Monitor performance without the hassle

    None of this would be fun or effective if it added more complexity to business entities. Gamification helps improve performance and make it a fun experience, without the burden of managing tangled, complex spreadsheets.

Create a contest in a few easy steps

We're sure you'll want to get started immediately using Gamification. Follow these steps to start your first game:

  1. Install Gamification.

    More information: Install and configure the Gamification solution

  2. Configure players and level the playing field by using positions.

    More information: Import players and fans from Dynamics 365 apps and manage their security roles

  3. Set up the game, KPIs, awards, and prizes, and kick off the contest.

    More information: Set up and run games in Gamification

Product updates

Have a look at What's new in Gamification for release notes, the list of features we've added or updated, and a list of issues we've resolved.

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