Install and configure the Gamification solution

The Dynamics 365 - Gamification capabilities are a solution for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, hosted on Microsoft AppSource, that you need to install before you can start using the capabilities to manage your Gamification games, KPIs, and players.


Install Dynamics 365 - Gamification

Gamification capabilities in Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.2 are a solution for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement that you install from Microsoft AppSource.


We recommend to adhere to the following limits when working with Gamification to avoid synchronization and performance issues:

  • Up to 15 concurrent games.
  • Up to 500 users per game.
  • Up to 10 fixed teams per game.
  • Up to 4000 users across all connected organizations.


To avoid timeout issues when syncing the data of more than 2000 users, you need to change the number of users sent per page in the Gamification settings.
In Dynamics 365, select Advanced Find. Look for Gamification Settings and select Results. Open the Gamification Settings and lower the value for Users sent per page.

Install the solution from AppSource

  1. In AppSource, select Dynamics 365 - Gamification.

  2. Sign in to your Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement system admin account, if you aren't already signed in.

  3. Click Get to start installing the solution.
    If you have more than one Dynamics 365 organization, select the organization you want to install this solution to.

  4. Review and accept the disclaimer and the terms of service.

    It might take a few minutes for the solution to be installed.

Game Manager security role

When you install Gamification, a security role called Game Manager is created in Dynamics 365. System admins can assign this security role to users who the admins want to enable to create KPIs.

More information: Available security roles in Gamification
More information about security roles and privileges: TechNet: Security roles and privileges
More information about KPIs in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement: Configure KPIs for Gamification in Dynamics 365 apps

Activate Gamification in Dynamics 365

Before you can sync Dynamics 365 - Gamification with Dynamics 365, a user with the following prerequisites needs to complete the setup process to obtain the security key.

  • The user profile in Office 365 has a non-empty first name, last name, email address
  • The user has a global admin role in Office 365
  • The user has a system administrator security role with an access mode of Read-Write.


Starting with Gamification solution update 17.10, you can connect multiple organizations (business units) of the same Office 365 tenant to a shared Gamification web portal. Repeat the installation and activation for every organization you want to connect to your shared Gamification portal. Users with the Game Manager security role in Organization A can create games for Organization A in Gamification. If they are regular users in Organization B, they can participate as players or fans in games in Organization B. Learn how to set up and run games.

Activate the Gamification portal for your organization

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics 365, go to Settings > Solutions, and then double-click the Gamification solution.

  2. Click Start Activation, and then sign in with your admin credentials.

  3. Accept the disclaimer, and then provide a Name and a Location for your instance of the Gamification portal.

  4. Click Register to start the activation and obtain the security key.

  5. Copy the Security Key, and then paste it in the input box.

  6. Click Authorize to complete the connection between Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and Dynamics 365 - Gamification.

    You'll receive an email with additional details, and then you can access your organization's Gamification instance.

    Additionally, the system creates a set of default KPIs in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement so you can quickly get started with the first game in Gamification. More information: Configure KPIs for Gamification in Dynamics 365 apps

    To sign in as the first Commissioner, go to Gamification sign-in.

Update the Gamification solution

A system administrator can update the solution.

If an update is available, a notification is displayed on the Gamification Settings page.

  1. Sign in to with your global administrator or Microsoft Dynamics 365 system administrator credentials.

  2. Click Admin centers > Dynamics 365.

  3. Click the Instances tab, and then select the instance the solution is connected to.

  4. Click Solutions.

  5. Select the solution you want to update, and then click Upgrade.

  6. In Microsoft Dynamics 365, go to Gamification > Gamification Settings, and then click Configure App to update all dependencies to the latest version.


    This step is required to keep all synchronization processes running.

    The system will apply all necessary changes and validate the update to ensure that data keeps flowing smoothly.


You need to repeat the preceding steps whenever you update the solution.

View active games in Dynamics 365 apps

You can view information about the active games in Dynamics 365 (online), version 8.2.

View active games

  1. In Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, go to Gamification > Games.

  2. In the list of games, click the name of the game you want to see details about.

  3. In the Game Details section, you'll find basic information about the game, like the name and the start and end date.

    In the Setup KPIs section, you can see the KPIs and their setup status in the selected game. More information about KPIs in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement: Configure KPIs for Gamification in Dynamics 365 apps

Uninstall the Gamification solution

You need to remove GamificationUpdate before you remove Gamification. More information about removing a preferred solution: Delete a preferred solution

Privacy notice

By installing and enabling the Dynamics 365 - Gamification solution, the enabling user’s account identifiers (such as first name, last name, and email address) will be stored in Azure to allow for authorization with the Gamification service, which is hosted in Azure. This applies to all users that are enabled in the Gamification service by their administrator. The Gamification solution sends Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data, configured by an administrator, to the Azure service, and that data is stored in Azure structured storage as well as blob storage. Each user’s Avatar, Custom Awards, and Company Logo are stored in Azure, but the information is not returned to Customer Engagement.

Note that administrators and authorized users can leverage Customer Engagement data, such as phone calls, opportunities, and booked revenue to configure KPIs for use in games. The Gamification service does not initiate any calls to Customer Engagement and only responds to data, such as games where the KPIs are being used, that flows back to Customer Engagement.

An administrator can also enable the Gamification TV stream to be made public. Game managers who set up Gamification TV streams and enable public streaming will allow for the TV stream to be viewed by anyone on the Internet who has the stream link.

An administrator can subsequently remove the Gamification functionality by uninstalling this solution from the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement organization.

Azure components and services that are involved with Gamification are detailed in the following sections.

Note: For more information about additional Azure service offerings, see the Microsoft Azure Trust Center.

Cloud Services

Designer Service (Web Role)

This provides multiple Web Services for communication between a Customer Engagement organization and the multi-tenanted Gamification Azure components. For example, gamification details stored to Azure SQL Storage. Game calculations use Azure Service Bus queue and returned to be scored and shown in the service. Customer and user uploaded images are stored in Azure Blob Storage. All requests are authenticated against Azure Active Directory.

Azure Key Vault

All services store configuration data in Azure Key Vault.

Azure SQL Database

Gamification uses SQL Azure to store:

  • KPI data

  • Game calculations

  • Organization (tenant) data

Azure Blob Storage

Avatars, company logos, and other customer uploaded images are stored in Azure Blob Storage.

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Gamification uses Azure Content Delivery Network to serve static content to the runtime such as images (including uploaded images such as customer logos), JavaScript, and CSS.

Azure Active Directory

Gamification uses Azure Active Directory to authenticate users and determine eligibility to use the platform.

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