Configuration steps for Retail developers working on cloud-hosted development environments with no administrator access

As of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, Platform update 12, customers will no longer have access to virtual machine (VM) administrator accounts on development or build environments that are running in Microsoft subscriptions. This restriction only applies to new deployments of Platform update 12 (or newer) environments. Environments that were deployed before this update, and have been updated to Platform update 12, will still have administrator access.

You can use a remote desktop (RDP) to access these restricted environments using the non-admin user provided on the Lifecycle Services (LCS) environment page. For more information about environments that don't allow administrator access, see Development and build VMs that don't allow administrator access FAQ.

Retail developers do not have administrative access to cloud-hosted development virtual machines. Modern POS (MPOS) development is possible if you use Cloud POS. Before starting development on any Retail application, configure Cloud POS as follows:

  1. Open Visual Studio and click View > Application Explorer. Wait for Internet Information Services (IIS) Express to start with all the Retail websites deployed. You should see the IIS tray icon in the task bar with all the Retail websites running, such as Cloud POS and Retail Server.

  2. To debug CRT/RS extensions, attach the CRT/RS project to the IIS Express process.

  3. When you open the Cloud POS project from the Retail SDK, IIS Express may fail with the following error.

    Filename: redirection.config
    Error: Cannot read configuration file

    To resolve this issue:

    1. Close Visual Studio.
    2. Rename the %userprofile%\Documents\IISExpress\config folder. Do not delete the files because you will copy the applicationhost.config file to a new location in step iv.
    3. Start Visual Studio again with the Cloud POS project. The %userprofile%\Documents\IISExpress\config folder will be recreated with the default config files.
    4. Copy the applicationhost.config file from the folder that you renamed in step ii, to the folder created in step iii.

Install the Developer topology prerequisites

Cloud-hosted development environments do not include Typescript version 2.2.2 by default, and the default Windows host file does not contain the Cloud POS URL to use for local debugging. The Developer topology prerequisites package installs Typescript 2.2.2 and updates the Windows host file with your Cloud POS URL. Deploying the package will take a few minutes.

To install the Developer topology prerequisites:

  1. Go to Lifecycle Services ( and sign in.
  2. Under Projects, select the project where your dev environment is deployed.
  3. In the More tools section, click the Asset library tile.
  4. Select Software deployable package for the Asset library type and click Import.
  5. In the Shared asset library list, select Developer topology prerequisites and click Pick.
  6. Go to the Environments section, and click your development environment.
  7. Click the Maintain tab and select Apply updates.
  8. Select Developer topology prerequisites and click Apply.