Unified Service Desk Guide

Get started

  • Unified Service Desk overview
  • Unified Service Desk concepts
  • Unified Service Desk system requirements
  • Install, deploy, and upgrade
  • Download Unified Service Desk
  • Configure

  • Learn to use Unified Service Desk
  • Configure your agent application
  • Configuration walkthroughs
  • Hosted control types, action, and event reference
  • Administer

  • Manage access control
  • Manage global options
  • Configure client caching
  • Configure auditing and diagnostics
  • Extend

  • Integrate with external and web applications
  • Use custom hosted control in Unified Service Desk
  • Create custom listeners for auditing, diagnostics and traces
  • Integrate with Citrix applications
  • Use (customer service agents)

  • Connect to the server using the client application
  • Use the Interactive service hub sample application package
  • Use the Web Client sample application package
  • Accessibility features
  • Troubleshoot and debug

  • Configure client diagnostic logging
  • Use the Debugger control
  • Debug your custom code
  • Related apps & framework

  • Customer Service Hub Help
  • Omnichannel for Customer Service Guide
  • Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework Guide
  • Videos

    See the video to know What's New in Unified Service Desk 3.3.

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