Wait for approval in Microsoft Flow

Create a flow that, if you create an item in SharePoint, sends approval mail and then notifies you whether the item was approved or rejected. To follow this tutorial exactly, create a simple SharePoint list as a trigger action, but you can use another data source such as Dropbox or OneDrive.


  • Create a simple SharePoint Online list that's named Project Tracker with a column named Title, and add a Person or Group column named Assigned To.

    Image of Project Tracker SPO list

Add an event to trigger the flow

  1. In flow.microsoft.com, select My flows in the top navigation bar, and then select Create new flow.

    Image of create new flow

  2. In the How would you like to start? box, type or paste new item, and then select SharePoint Online - when a new item is created.

    Image of SPO trigger

  3. If prompted, sign in to SharePoint Online.
  4. Under Site url, type or paste the URL of the site that contains your list.

    Image of SPO siteurl

  5. Under List name, select a list such as Project Tracker.

    Image of SPO listname

Add the resulting action

  1. Select the + button, and then select Add an action.

    Image of add an action

  2. In the What would you like to do next? box, type or paste send email, and then select Office 365 Outlook - Send approval email.

    Image of send approval email

  3. If prompted, sign in to Office 365 Outlook.
  4. Select the To field, and then select Assigned to EMail.

    The user in the Assigned To column will receive the mail to approve or reject the item. When you create an item to test the flow, you'll specify yourself in this field. That way, you'll not only approve or reject the item but also receive the notification mail.

    Note: You can customize the Subject and User Options fields to suit your needs.

    Image of send approval email to field

Add a condition

  1. Select the + button, and then select Add a condition.

    Image of add a condition

  2. In the Object Name field, select SelectedOption.
  3. In the Value field, type or paste Approve.

    Image of the condition card

  4. In the If yes area, select Add an action.

    Image of yes-add an action

  5. In the What would you like to do next? box, type or paste send email, and then select Office 365 Outlook - Send Email.

    Image of yes-send-email

  6. In the Subject box, specify a subject.

    For example, select Assigned To DisplayName, type has approved with a space on each side, and then select Title.

  7. In the Body box, specify an email body such as Ready to proceed with the next phase of the project.
  8. In the To field, enter a recipient such as Created by EMail.

    The person who created the item in the SharePoint list will be notified whether the project was approved or rejected.

    Image of yes-send-email

  9. In the If no area, repeat the last five steps except change the Subject and Body to reflect that the project was rejected.

    Image of no-send-email

Finish and test your flow

  1. Give your flow a name, and then select Create flow.

    Image of create-flow

  2. Create an item in your SharePoint list.

    An approval mail is sent to the recipient that you specified. When the recipient selects Approve or Reject in that mail, you receive email that indicates the response.