Information specific to the SetTranscriptionOptionsCompleted type of state change.


typedef struct PartySetTranscriptionOptionsCompletedStateChange {  
    PartyStateChangeResult result;  
    PartyError errorDetail;  
    PartyLocalChatControl* localChatControl;  
    PartyVoiceChatTranscriptionOptions options;  
    void* asyncIdentifier;  
} PartySetTranscriptionOptionsCompletedStateChange  


result   PartyStateChangeResult

Indicates that the operation Succeeded or the reason that it failed.

On success, internal state has updated to reflect whether transcription operations should be attempted on behalf of localChatControl. Success does not guarantee that transcription operations will complete successfully. Failures to complete transcription operations will be exposed through the result field of the PartyStateChangeType::VoiceChatTranscriptionReceived state change.

errorDetail   PartyError

A diagnostic value providing additional troubleshooting information regarding any potential error condition.

The human-readable form of this error detail can be retrieved via PartyManager::GetErrorMessage().

localChatControl   PartyLocalChatControl*

The chat control used in the call associated with this state change.

options   PartyVoiceChatTranscriptionOptions

The transcription options provided to the call associated with this state change.

asyncIdentifier   void*

The async identifier provided to the call associated with this state change.


Header: Party.h

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