Configure the Exchange service connector for Intune and Exchange Online

This article shows you how to connect the Microsoft Intune service to Exchange Online or the new Exchange Online Dedicated service. To determine whether your Exchange Online Dedicated environment is the new or legacy version, contact your account manager.

Service to Service Connector requirements

The Service to Service Connector supports only Exchange Online or Exchange Online Dedicated and has no requirements for an on-premises infrastructure.

Requirement More information
Exchange Online configured and running Exchange Online
Mobile device management authority Set the mobile device management authority to Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Exchange version Exchange Online or the new Exchange Online Dedicated service
Active Directory synchronization Before you can use the Intune Connector, you must set up Active Directory synchronization so that your local users and security groups are synchronized with your instance of Azure Active Directory.

Exchange cmdlet requirements

You must also create an Exchange Online user account that is used by the Intune Exchange service connector. The account must have permission to run the following required Windows PowerShell Exchange cmdlets:

  • Get-ActiveSyncOrganizationSettings, Set-ActiveSyncOrganizationSettings
  • Get-MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy, Set-MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy, New-MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy, Remove-MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy
  • Get-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule, Set-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule, New-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule, Remove-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule
  • Get-MobileDeviceStatistics
  • Get-MobileDevice
  • Get-ActiveSyncDeviceClass

Set up the Service to Service Connector

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with a user account that has Exchange admin rights and permissions for the cmdlets described earlier. Microsoft Intune uses the email address of the currently signed-in user to set up the connection.

  2. Choose All services from the left menu, then type Intune in the text box filter.

  3. Choose Intune to open the Microsoft Intune dashboard. Choose Conditional access, and then under Setup, choose Exchange service connector.

  4. On the Conditional access - Exchange service connector page, choose Set Up Service to Service Connector.

    Image showing selecting the Set Up Service to Service Connector link

The Service to Service Connector automatically configures and synchronizes your Exchange Online or new Exchange Online Dedicated environment.

Validate your Exchange connection

After you have successfully configured the Exchange Service to Service Connector, validate the Exchange Connector Server information on the Conditional access - Exchange service connector page.

You can also check the Connection status and the time and date of the last successful synchronization attempt.

Next steps

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